• Turn based approach – Large community – Graphic style
  • Some grinding

Dofus is a turn based MMORPG that started in France and has rapidly expanded worldwide since that time. The game was so successful that it has lead to a number of spin off games including Wakfu which continues the story of the Dofus universe.


Set in The World of Twelve (named after the 12 gods of the game world) the range of environments and classes are one of the most attractive elements of Dofus. Character customisation is particularly impressive with many customisation options available from the start allowing you to feel more unique in comparison to other MMO experiences.

This visual customisation combines well with the more than a dozen character classes, some of which are extremely unique and difficult to master which gives players plenty of room to grow as they create new characters that belong to the tougher character classes. Classes include the likes of ranged attackers, warriors, summoners, healers, treasure hunters, thieves and more.

With a maximum level of 200 in the world of Dofus combined with characteristic points, spell points and life points there is more than enough room to create a unique character build with the option to reset these points whenever you like to encourage experimentation and gameplay variety.


Combat is the most notable divergence from more traditional MMO games with Dofus offering a turn based approach to combat (even though the rest of the game takes place in real time). This allows players without twitch skills to be more successful in Dofus as you’ll have the time to carefully plan your tactics. This can still be a fast style of combat for the simpler battles but ensures the tougher dungeons are quite the challenge.

Dofus also has everything else that you’d expect from a MMORPG with professions, a huge array of quests, guilds, a player driven economy and much more. The games existence for over a decade is no accident and thanks to regular game overhauls it doesn’t even show its age.


  • Combines real time exploration with turn based combat.
  • Online for over a decade with regular updates to keep the game fresh.
  • Great character visual customisation.
  • Large number of unique classes.
  • Very community driven.



Review Platform: PC

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  1. This game used to be amazing… sadly it’s pretty dead nowadays, even after being released on steam. Its subscription system it’s mostly to blame, I mean, why not make it F2P like many other games?


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