DogHotel: My Dog Boarding Kennel

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  • Lots of variety in activities – Strong visuals – Management game aspects
  • More structured than other games

If the idea of running your very own dog kennel sounds like a dream come true then DogHotel: My Dog Boarding Kennel can make it a reality. Manage your very own dog resort as you push your dog care skills to the max caring for up to eight different dog breeds.


Part dog simulation game and management game you’ll balance caring for the incoming pets with managing expansion of your kennel which ties into giving the animals the utmost care and attention. Central to this is the game missions which guide the progress of the game and help you get a well rounded experience.

Your first such mission which also serves as a tutorial in feeding is improving the diet of a new dog in your facility, a french bulldog named Max. When each dog arrives at your kennel their given a personal area which players can see from the top down perspective view. In order to interact with each animal you’ll click on the pen which brings you down in close to the dog and allows you to perform various actions.


Additionally players are given a dog file on every dog which outlines the mission (and current status) along with the statistics for the dog relating to diet, hygiene, affection, fitness and education which can be improved through the right activities. This includes feeding, brushing, bathing, training, obstacle courses and so much more. With each new arrival requiring something different players are ensured a well rounded experience.

With the wealth of content to experience and the structured gameplay DogHotel: My Dog Boarding Kennel is a high quality game for dog fans.


  • Run your very own dog kennel and care for dogs.
  • Improve diet, training and fitness with each dog.
  • Level up and earn money to access new content.
  • Interact with dogs with tap controls.
  • Free Android and iOS dog themed title.



Review Platform: Android

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