• Large community of dog lovers to interact with and share Dogzer or real life dog stories and tips
  • Lots of activities that allows you to care for your favourite dog breed
  • Some of the supplementary game elements feel less than polished than the core experience which can create a disappointing experience

Dogzer is a free to play browser based game targeted towards dog lovers worldwide with the ability to adopt, raise, train and even breed your own virtual fur friend. Blurring the lines between social network and MMO Dogzer lets you undertake these activities with your own virtual dog while participating in a large community of other dog lovers within your browser.


With well over 50 dog breeds for players to choose from there is plenty of choice when you start your Dogzer adventure and ensures your first puppy will be a breed you are familiar with and in love with. This includes breeds of small, medium and large dogs that range from a Chihuahua to Terrier, German Shepherds and Huskies which ensures everyone will have their favourite dog available on Dogzer for adoption and play.

Taking your dog from puppy to adult requires plenty of attention (just like a real puppy) with players encouraged to look after their pet by providing it food, taking it to dog shows to compete, buying it toys and giving it plenty of affection. All of this is handled through your browser in a similar manner to sites like Neopets with each webpage serving its own purpose and the world represented with still but high quality drawings.


As you advance through the game players will even be able to breed dogs together to make new puppies for the Dogzer cycle to continue all over again. Along the way you’ll even be able to get your own certificate in dog care from grooming to trainer and vet which will allow you to run your own virtual business which will help you earn in game currency to provide for your pet. This is just one of the many activities that you can explore in Dogzer with players mostly free to engage in the activities that interest them without a detriment to their account as there are many viable paths for earning the funds necessary to care for your pet.

That being said while there are lots of activities for you to do with your pet players will have to think carefully as each activity will impact your dog’s health, energy and cleanliness meters in different ways. Recharging these bars is fairly straight forward though by either feeding your dog, letting them take a nap, giving your dog some medicine or taking a bath but can be an important factor to ensure they remain in high health.


On top of these gaming elements players will find a thriving community of dog lovers where you can talk about your own dog in real life, share photos, tell stories or ask questions for your fellow dog enthusiasts to answer which helps to build that broader community of dog lovers on Dogzer. With the ability to look after a dog without the mess and hassle of a real dog you’ll find Dogzer and the community perfect for any dog lover.


  • Mix of social network and MMO game with a focus on dog care and breeding.
  • Lots of breeds to choose from (and even the option to breed your own) with small, medium and large breeds.
  • All sorts of activities to care for your dog and make in game currency for items.
  • Manage your dog’s health and compete in dog shows to prove you are the ultimate dog trainer.
  • Large community of animal lovers to interact, share and learn from.



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