• Great art style – Challenging – Hands on
  • Difficulty curve can be frustrating

Doodlefense (Doodle Defense) combines action with tower defence style gameplay to offer a fairly difficult iOS game. If you want something that will keep your finger tapping while providing plenty of challenge Doodlefense may just be the game you need on your iOS device.


In the game players will have to use a mixture of archers, cannons, spearman, ninjas and campfires to fend off invading waves of enemies from the right hand side of the screen. While these enemies start off as small and cute little jellies they quickly become more terrifying and deadly.

The variety in enemies is particularly impressive and each can threaten the player in their own way from being super-fast to heavily armoured or attacking you with ranged attacks. These enemies are introduced in fairly quick succession to keep each level exciting and force you to adjust your strategies often.

Every level you’ll be equipped with limited number of lives and a limited number of locations where you can summon an ally, while your goal might be a simple one (survive several waves without reaching 0 lives) it can quickly become quite hectic as you have a lot of elements to balance. Just like enemies your allies each have their own strengths from the fast firing archer to the cannon that is better suited to large clusters of enemies.


Once summoned you’re in complete control over when and how your allies attack with their projectiles being sent in the direction of where you tap on your device. You can’t just spam wildly though as every attack consumes your limited supply of energy, although it recovers quickly.

Of course the game wouldn’t be complete without a sense of progression which comes through the talent tree system where you can spend your hard earned stars (for achieving specific level goals) and gold (for level completion) to increase your fighters as you see fit for your strategy. If you’re seeking a challenging and hands on tower defence style experience Doodlefense will deliver with a difficulty curve to keep you entertained.


  • Large range of enemies all with an impressive art style.
  • Summon your allies and carefully manage them for success.
  • Support for lots of different strategies.
  • Upgrade your troops to suit your playstyle.
  • Available for free on iOS devices.



Review Platform: iOS

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