Dragon Age II

  • Vast companion options that let you build your own story, friends and rivalries
  • Develop your party with skills and equipment to your specific tastes
  • Drops a few core role playing elements from past titles that reduce the depth of your experience

Dragon Age II is the second game in the hit Dragon Age series developed by BioWare and continues the fantasy adventure with a number of new features to expand your RPG experience. Released in 2011 across the major video game platforms players will once again embark on a quest of their design in a third person perspective as your decisions shape the world and the companions that join you.


The world for your adventure is that of Thedas with players controlling the human Hawke that can be played as either a mage, rogue or warrior archetype. Arriving in the city of Kirkwall as only a refugee following the events of the original Dragon Age players will be able to rise up to become a legendary champion in an era of great conflict. While Dragon Age II is tied with the original game the stories are distant enough that players won’t have to play the original for the full experience although this is definitely recommended where possible.

Told across three acts the game focuses on the story of Hawke and the choices that you make with the companions met along the way to the eventual two potential game endings. In total players can recruit up to eight companions that can also be controlled by the player when necessary. With their own personalities, lore and views of the world these companions help to tell the story of Dragon Age II. A unique feature here is that companions can be either friends or rivals to the player while within the party. With friends giving party bonuses and rivals performing better in combat due to their rivalry with the main character.


Like your companions players are free to choose which path Hawke takes in his development as a warrior, rogue or mage. Combined with your companion choices and their own character development Dragon Age II opens up plenty of RPG strategy as you dictate the role that your companions take on your team and issue them orders during combat. If used effectively this system also allows the diligent player to beat tough enemies that are currently ahead of your party capabilities as you tactically pause battles to plan the next critical move.

If players would rather play with less micromanagement and aren’t seeking to push their party to the absolute min-max outcomes players can instead rely on the AI to control allies in battle. With the blend of basic attack and ability combat every fight provides players ample choice to utilise their companion in the best ways possible and further tweaked by players setting their default stances that influence how the AI will control each unit.


Following each battle player and companion power grows from both the raw experience acquired to improve stats and unlock new abilities but also the loot you acquire that can be traded and crafted into useful equipment pieces. Combined this gives plenty role playing progression depth as you tweak everything to your party playstyle.


  • Plenty of companions to befriend or have a friendly rivalry with as you develop their skills and equipment.
  • Immersive storyline and game world for players to explore.
  • Flowing combat with players ability to set AI parameters or issue orders directly in the heat of combat.
  • Play Hawke as a rogue, mage or warrior as you customise your progression across skill trees.
  • Strong loot systems that provide battle rewards and an important progression system.



Review Platform: PC

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  1. Dragon Age 2 SUCKED it ruinned the dragon age experience, Dragon age origins was a great game I enjoyed playing but NOT dragon age 2! In dragon age 2 its extremely hard to level up, making the game too hard and you cant change any characters, thats not the one you play as, armor. This game needs major improvements if you are to make a third!

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