Dragon City

  • Huge number of dragons to breed and collect with over 1,000
  • Blend of city customisation and PvP content ensures opportunities for all types of gamers
  • Can be overwhelming for new players given the game has 10 years of mechanics, features and updates to learn

Dragon City was released in 2012 for Facebook with the success of the browser game leading to an eventual iOS and release in 2013 with all of these versions coexisting with each other until 2020 when the Facebook version was retired. Despite this the game has continued to thrive in the mobile environment with millions of players and regular updates that continue to expand the content and mechanics that Dragon City offers.


This core Dragon City experience is based around players creating their own magical city of dragons by hatching breeding them with an ultimate goal to discover all the available species, make the most beautiful city or conquer PvP depending on the player. These objectives are somewhat linked though as rarer and harder to achieve dragons definitely have strengths over the common ones in the combat arena. Along the way players can participate in a number of other activities from game events, mini games, battles, city building and goal achievements. You won’t be without guidance though regardless of what you choose to pursue in Dragon City thanks to the hundreds of goals that the game has built in to help guide your gameplay and give you a sense of achievement on a constant basis.

With these activities in mind to prove that you are a true Dragon Master you’ll spend much of your timing breeding, feeding and training your dragons to become the ultimate warriors while providing them the appropriate habitat. Dragon City has consistently added new dragons since its release which has resulted in the game having more than 1,000 dragons now available to discover and collect.


While hundreds of these are relatively easy to acquire with the right time and focus some of these dragons are of course elusive to even the most dedicated player which ensures you’ll always have that next goal in your sights. The game isn’t just a monster focused experience though and allows you to decorate your own city while you wait for your next dragon to hatch. With a good amount of freedom over buildings, farms and decorations you’ll be able to create something unique to suit your tastes.

While there is freedom to this island design habitats that you build must match that of your dragon in order for them to live on your island. Habitats include Terra, Flame, Sea, Nature, Electric, Ice, Metal, Dark, Light, War, Pure, Legend and Beauty with dragons belonging to either one or more of these which are known as hybrid dragons. Players also need to ensure a balance of farms which are used to grow crops for your dragons, crystals which boost the gold production of dragons within your habitats.


Overall you’ll find Dragon City to be well paced in how it unlocks content and there is plenty of end game between collection and multiplayer battle options. You might not have ever dreamed that you’d be breeding dragons but once you get the hang of it you’ll enjoy planning out your path towards the rarest dragons and a real sense of accomplishment when they hatch from their egg from your careful planning.


  • Breed your own dragons from thousands of potential options to complete your collection or to create a powerful PvP dragon team.
  • Engage in the community with events, arena fighting and sharing of your island designs.
  • Build your own Dragon City from the ground up as you select from habitats, efficient gold layouts and decorations to make it your island home.
  • Originally available on Facebook and now solely available for free on iOS and Android devices.
  • Join millions of players in a mobile game with regular updates, events, new dragons and features.



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  2. Dragon city game is one of the most interesting games I played. Breeding and feeding dragons is really fun.

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