Dragon Mania Legends

  • Dragon variety is high with hundreds of unique options that mix rarity and elements
  • Blend of PvE and PvP content to provide many player objectives to chase
  • Wait times are on the longer side for the genre particularly once you get beyond the common dragon rarities

In Dragon Mania Legends you’ll prepare an army of dragons for battle as your create your ideal homeland in the mythical world of Dragolandia on both iOS and Android devices. The experience is similar to other dragon breeding games on the market with cute baby dragons to breed into powerful and fearless fighters that provide an endless cycle of dragon upgrade and other progression.


Dragon Mania Legends brings over a hundred dragons to your mobile device with a journey that requires you to build the necessary habitats to hatch baby dragons and feed them to fuel their growth. Released in 2015 the game is based around a group of islands where dragons and their dragon trainers call home with the main goal of raising dragons to fight against Vikings that also call this land home.

The start of your Dragon Mania Legends experience and the game tutorial is economically focused with players encouraged to build up their dragon island with resource generating farms. These farms are what is used to generate all sorts of tasty food for your dragons and expand the number of dragons that you can support on your island to create the core game loop.


While you’ll start with only a small number of dragons these species quickly expand as you level up and build the necessary habitats. Raising your dragon allies is about much more than just building a home with Dragon Mania Legends focusing more on raising which involves training, feeding and petting to level up for better stats and more income per hour to invest back into your island. These stats are heavily based on the rarity which ranges from common the tyrant tiers that have increasingly higher breeding hours and in turn gold per hour generation. Elements also play a role here with fire dragons having high attack, low health and moderate gold generation in comparison to earth dragons that have weak attack, high health and moderate gold generation.

Stored within your Dragon Codex players will be breeding all sorts of dragon types with hybrid elemental combinations, legendary dragons and event exclusive creatures that create a collect them all experience through the breeding system and other game mechanics.


Once you feel comfortable with your raising techniques the campaign map and arena is where you’ll get the longevity of gameplay which encourages players to continue to expand their dragon options. The campaign map offers three difficult levels where you’ll fight against Vikings through ancient portals to reclaim islands which alongside global events provides the PvE game elements.

Meanwhile arena battles are turn based and will pit three of your dragons against another player. Unlike other games that automate a large part of their battle system Dragon Mania Legends gives the player some control by allowing you to direct attacks and alter their strength through a meter that pops up on the screen and requires careful timing to maximise.


  • Breed over a hundred dragons and raise them to become mighty warriors.
  • Action arena combat gives you some control.
  • Decorate and create your dream dragon island.
  • Great graphics and animations to bring dragons to life.
  • Play for free on Android and iOS.



Review Platform: iOS

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