Dragon Story

  • Plenty of different things to do and unlock with habitats on top of general island decoration
  • Fantastic dragon variety from 20 base species that turn into over 800 dragon breeds
  • Wait times can get quite long on growing food which inhibits your ability to experience all dragons in a reasonable time frame

Dragon Story challenges you to hatch, raise and breed dragons to fill your own magical island with dozens of fantastic unique dragon species. Available on iOS a whole new world of dragons awaits as you try to collect them all, focus on battling other players or tend to your magical island through various decorations.


When you first load up your Dragon Story game app players will get to meet their assistant who will guide you through the process of purchasing your first Fire Dragon Egg. After buying your Dragon egg and letting it hatch players will need to build a suitable habitat for their dragon based on their colour type which also helps to fill up their island with colourful habitats. The easy colour system also ensures you’ll be able to quickly match habitats to their appropriate dragon which is vital to growing your collection of flying flame breathers.

Dragon Story offers a great sense of discovery as players combine dragons together to create stronger dragons and even discover the ultra-rare creatures in the game. In total there are over 800 potential magical dragons to hatch, raise and breed which belong to one of the 20 odd game species that have their own traits and personality.


In doing so you’ll have to take your newly hatched dragons through their 4 evolution stages from baby to fully grown adult dragon. Given the game launched with only 250 odd dragon options Dragon Story is clearly a title that is seeing consistent development love from the developer.

Dragons can’t grow without food though which is where your farm comes into the game and is a core experience of Dragon Story with careful optimisation allowing for maximum efficiency and in turn faster dragon growth. By planting crops in your farm and harvesting them for food you’ll be able to level up your dragons which boosts their power, the amount of coins they generate for you and their visual appearance.


When satisfied with your dragon’s growth players can switch their focus towards the battle tournaments which can provide a boost to progression through rare items, decorations, habitats and eggs which are similarly available through ongoing world events.

With everything going on in the world of Dragon Story and each dragon having four stages with breeding on top of that the formula ensures that you always have a goal to work towards in Dragon Story which will keep you engaged over the long term.


  • Hatch, raise and breed all sorts of dragons with over 800 available.
  • 20 core dragon species with their own traits, colours and habitats.
  • Always something to strive for with endless items to obtain.
  • Decorate your island with dragons, buildings, habitats and decorations.
  • Free to play on iOS and raise your own dragons.



Review Platform: iOS

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