• Great range of dragon designs with literally hundreds of unique options to breed, collect and grow
  • A long running track record of game updates and content enhancements
  • Higher levels require a huge time sink which can quickly compound if you aren't lucky enough to get your target dragon

DragonVale is one of the original dragon breeding games available for iOS and Android that saw significant success and has since resulted in many competitors attempting to create either a similar experience or build on the base DragonVale formula. Online since 2011 the game continues to receive ongoing game updates which expand the available dragon raising content for players to advance through amongst other game challenges.


Set within a fantasy world of dragons your objective in DragonVale is to raise, breed and feed your dragons in a free to play environment as you try to complete the full collection that grows with each major game update. While purchasing some premium currency for the game will definitely give you an edge to reduce wait times ultimately you’ll get by just fine without making a purchase as a patient player which helps to keep DragonVale a reasonably fair game for all players.

From hatching your first dragon to your last you are bound to be hooked on the process of training up your island of dragons which follows the same formula from start to end. In addition to raising them from baby dragon to their ultimate dragon form gamers will also have plenty of opportunities to decorate their habitats and make the perfect island home for their new fire breathing creatures. If you’re short on ideas or just want to show off your creation then it is easy to visit the islands of others adding a great social element to your DragonVale experience.


Variety in DragonVale is definitely the best feature in the game with a huge range of dragons, buildings, decorations, habitats and even islands for players to unlock and then enjoy within your account. Buildings also play an important role in progress though by providing necessary game boosts, shrines for dragon elements and most importantly treat farms to generate food to level up your dragon creations. Unlocking everything in the game is definitely no easy task which will keep encouraging you to come back and check on the progress of your dragons and island.

Currently this is primarily the 700+ dragons that require you to mix the right elements of dragons to create specific outcomes. Each of these belongs to the elements of plant, fire, earth, cold, lightning, water, air, metal, light and dark which dictates their theme. For example you’ve got the Moss dragon who is plant and earth or the Seaweed dragon that combines plant and water elements instead.


When you think that your dragon has reached its peak potential then you can enter it into the Colosseum challenges where you can win trophies and prove your breeding talent. With regularly rotating element based events you’ll need a diverse roster of dragons to achieve the heights of performance and in turn provides plenty of end game content goals for the community.


  • Breed your dragons into their ultimate forms as you collect unique variations from the game elements.
  • Visit islands of other players or share your own island designs with the community.
  • Endless variety to keep you playing with 700+ dragons and a range of decorations, buildings and islands to unlock.
  • Battle it out in colosseum challenges to prove yourself as the ultimate dragon breeder amongst the community.
  • On iOS and Android (free to play).



Review Platform: iOS

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