Drakensang: The Dark Eye

  • A diverse list of class options and an advanced system for full customisation ensure your party is exactly as you want it
  • General storyline and setting has been done before to death with little changes to the formula

Drakensang: The Dark Eye takes players to a dark fantasy world while challenging you to create your own party of adventurers. Taking on a number of quests throughout your travels players will explore the land of Aventuria as they aim to survive and help those they encounter along the way from darkness. Released in 2008 Drakensang: The Dark Eye is a classic in the party role playing genre and also serves as the first adventure of many in this franchise.


In terms of setting players will find themselves in a world that has a medieval stage of progression to it although has fantasy magical themes within it as well. For plot you’ll begin in this medieval themed universe at the city of Ferdok which is located in the middle of the broader Aventuria province. While much of the content takes place in this city you’ll expand beyond this location to places such as the nearby mountain range to the south where the peak summit is referred to as the Drakensang.

Receiving a letter from an old friend players embark on an initial journey to the town of Ferdok where once arriving players realise that your friend has been killed along with a number of townsfolk in a variety of gruesome ways. In true role playing fashion you take it open yourself to solve the mystery which forms the main storyline for your adventure with plenty of side quests in between that build further on the game world and its inhabitants (living and dead). In time players uncover the broader plot which revolves around dragon cultists who worship an ancient dragon known by Ardakor who prefers the evil ways. In order to mitigate this threat you’ll travel the lands to acquire a range of artefacts that are capable of stopping the threat.


Locations for your party include the likes of the Moorbridge marshes, Blood Mountain, Grimtooth Castle, dwarven stronghold of Murolosh, the Fire Falls and others. In order to explore these locations though you’ll first need to create your own party from a diverse roster of 20 different class options with players ultimately able to create a party of 4 adventurers. Class variety is high in Drakensang: The Dark Eye with players finding the usual tanks, rangers and spell casters although plenty of options that blur the lines of traditional roles like the sapper, pirate and prospector that bring other benefits to your party.

Each of these options belongs to own of three different races (human, elf and dwarf) that allow you to create a visually distinct party or focus solely on a particular race for role playing reasons. Each of these class archetypes provide a pre-generated hero with their own attributes, bonuses, talents, abilities and equipment that can dramatically impact the role they play on your team. The prospector for example is a great dwarven fighter who is flexible with crossbow and axe although lacks any magical abilities. Given their preference for nature they earn a bonus to natural based talents at the cost of social talents.


Within all of these there is a deep amount of depth with your attributes and talents developing during the game and allowing to specialise heroes into particular party roles that are primarily used when activities require a skill check. This development comes through the usual mixture of quests and battles with enemies that translate into experience points. In general these are earned relatively quickly given all combat takes place in real time although you can pause to catch your breath and determine your next strategic moves.


  • A dark fantasy role playing game which serves as the first adventure in the Drakensang franchise.
  • Build the perfect party of adventurers with a growing party of up to 4 unique heroes.
  • Choose from a broad range of flexible classes with over 20 predefined roles with their own stats and abilities to leverage in your party.
  • A large storyline that will take you across the fantasy land as you fill your time with various side quests and activities.
  • Huge number of class options to choose from.
  • Master dozens of spells, combat styles and abilities that all have a role to play in your progression.



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