• Explores a unique angle – Explains the reasons behind dreams
  • Unfinished elements

Explore the subconscious of Howard Phillips, a young character who has a boring life but powerful lucid dreams. By exploring these abstract dreams you’ll solve the unique challenge within each of them while discovering secrets that tie into your own future.


We’ve all find ourselves lost at one point in our life needing direction and guidance. For Howard the solution comes in his vividly lucid dreams which spawn deserts, stairways and even the occasional dark nightmare. Exploring both the awake and sleeping worlds you’ll interact with objects, discover collectables and tackle a number of puzzles.

With each sleep you’ll enter the dreaming hub which links to all the possible dreaming locations which link to parts of your past and as is typical of dreams feature things outside the usual. Each dream also comes with extracts of your dream journal which help to explain the things encountered in your dream and what they could potentially mean.


In addition to the beautiful 3D environments each of your dreams offer non-linear gameplay as you explore and discover at your own pace, often with multiple overlapping routes to prevent constant back tracking through the environment. This also ties in closely to the three different storyline endings that can be experienced based on actions throughout your play through.

While the concept of Dream looks impressive on paper there are some glaring issues that hold the game back from being a high quality experience. This includes using mazes to boost the puzzle count within the game while not being true puzzles and some visual issues that do hurt the immersion.


  • Explore the lucid dream worlds of Howard Phillips.
  • Tackle puzzles and mazes within the game.
  • Learn more about the meaning of objects and settings within dreams.
  • Multiple story endings to experience.
  • Available on Windows.



Review Platform: PC

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  1. Game can not be completed. The user/pass on note on the computer or in walk through do not work. Good luck with that. Uninstalled!


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