• Explores a unique setting focused on several surreal dreams from the male protagonist
  • Perfectly created soundtrack builds on the dream like atmosphere
  • Force players to go unnecessarily slow through the dream worlds
  • Limited direction on controls and how to advance the story can leave players aimlessly wandering around

Explore the subconscious of Howard Phillips, a young character who has a boring life but powerful lucid dreams that provide a unique world for players to explore in this video game adventure. By exploring these abstract dreams you’ll solve the unique challenge within each of them while discovering secrets that tie into your own future as you pace throughout a diverse number of challenging dream settings.


We’ve all find ourselves lost at one point in our life needing direction and guidance and often it is our dreams that provide these solutions. This is definitely the case for Howard twho finds his necessary guidance within his vividly lucid dreams which spawn deserts, stairways and even the occasional dark nightmare that has an unknown but sinister objective. Exploring both the awake and sleeping worlds as Howard in Dream you’ll interact with objects, discover collectables and tackle a number of puzzles based on the environment setting. In total you’ll find well over 30 items, vinyl records and dream bible pages to locate which require plenty of diligent play.

With each sleep as Howard you’ll enter the dreaming hub which links to all the possible dreaming locations available to him which link to parts of your past and as is typical of dreams feature things outside the usual expectations that you might have. Each dream also comes with extracts of your dream journal which help to explain the things encountered in your dream and what they could potentially mean. This feature can definitely come in handy in the situations where your interpretations don’t match up with the developers to ensure you can still absorb the intended storyline.


Dream is more than just a linear puzzle explorer though and in addition to the beautiful 3D environments each of your dreams offer a non-linear gameplay element. This focuses on allowing players to explore and discover at your own pace, often with multiple overlapping routes to prevent constant back tracking through the environment. These level designs can also prevent players from burning out on the various locations by removing some of the back tracking that other similar titles might feature. This design choice also ties in closely to the three different storyline endings that can be experienced based on the subtle actions throughout your play through and provide the potential for a subsequent adventure for dedicated Dream players.

Mechanically players explore this world with traditional WASD and mouse controls that allow you to move and interact with the necessary objects. For accessibility Dream also includes subtitles which can be helpful for some portions of the game where words from characters may be particularly silent or difficult to understand for atmospheric effect.


While the concept of Dream looks impressive on paper there are some glaring issues that hold the game back from achieving its full potential that was envisioned. Most notably this includes using mazes to boost the puzzle and play time count which simply don’t offer much compared to the fleshed out surreal locations.


  • Explore the lucid dream worlds of Howard Phillips centred around a desert, office and resort environment with each leading to their own nightmare and two side dreams.
  • Tackle puzzles and mazes within the game as you move from surreal to surreal dream like location.
  • Learn more about the meaning of objects and settings within your dreams and record them in your journal to decipher the truth.
  • Multiple story endings to experience based on your actions taken throughout.
  • A puzzle adventure based on dream concepts for Windows.



Review Platform: PC

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  1. Game can not be completed. The user/pass on note on the computer or in walk through do not work. Good luck with that. Uninstalled!

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