Dreamfall: The Longest Journey

  • Engaging environments – Unique setting
  • Inventory management is poorly designed – Story breaks down towards game end

Dreamfall: The Longest Journey will send you on a unique adventure that is highly praised by adventure fans. Originally released for the Xbox and Windows the game is now also available for the Xbox 360.


The game is a sequel to the hit 1999 game release (The Longest Journey) and is set a decade later. Players need not have played this original edition though to get the full experience although it is a nice extra layer for fans.

In Dreamfall: The Longest Journey players follow the story of 3 different characters; Zoe, April and Kian. Players of the original will recognise April while the two other characters are completely new to the franchise. Set in a game world that is actually two parallel worlds makes for a unique adventure as the technologically advanced Stark contrasts with the magical Arcadia world.

This time around Zoe is central to the main story as she investigates the disappearance of her ex-boyfriend and a large number of other strange occurrences which leads her to returning character April.

During the game players will have the opportunity to control all three of the main characters and a fourth for the introduction. For the most part these characters all play in the same manner and are controlled in a third person perspective. While in control players will explore locations in order to collect items, solve puzzles and in turn advance the story which is mostly told through a number of cut-scenes.


Player choice still exists despite this cut-scene focus though with plenty of conversation trees and decisions to explore. Relying on no HUD and buttons that only appear when the player comes close to an interactive object. This design decision helps build the overall immersion factor and keep your focus within the game.

The original game was definitely a classic and The Longest Journey continues this trend by offering another exceptional adventure game.


  • Another great game in the franchise.
  • Playable for old and new players alike.
  • A unique adventure that takes place between two parallel worlds.
  • Plenty of choices and dialogue options to explore.
  • HUDless gaming to help build immersion.



Review Platform: PC

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