• Amazing views
  • Poor narration – Super linear

Walk your way to the heights of the Mountain of Fire in Drizzlepath, a title that sticks closely to the walking simulator genre opting for atmosphere and a relaxing experience over more traditional gameplay mechanics.


Taking on the role of unnamed explorer you’ll set off from a deserted beach at dawn with the Mountain of Fire in the distance waiting for players to reach the top. This journey is completely absent of puzzles, other characters and choice of direction instead opting for a linear path that pulls you in with narration and atmosphere instead.

Despite the linear path there are a few moments where you can step off the path for a better view of your surroundings with the odd encounter of wildlife adding more realism to your walk. Said surroundings hide a great amount of variety with rocky shores, large mountains, grassy hills and deep forests of trees.

The beautiful scenery is paired with music and narration which both add and detract from your adventure. While the music gives off a nice relaxing vibe the narrator seems almost at ends with this design with each lined delivered with a darker sense of intensity.


The random mix of philosophy, humour and complete nonsense lines also don’t bode well for this game element. Such sequences are spread out through the game though for a total of just over a dozen but it still feels like a missed opportunity to do something great.

Missed opportunities aside the visual experience of Drizzlepath is the reason why you’ll want to walk through the path laid out for you and visually is one of the best in the walking simulator niche.


  • Head down the path to the Mountain of Fire.
  • Breathtaking visuals with various environments.
  • Unlock the mystery through narration and a unseen ending.
  • Step off the path to look out at the scenery and meet the wildlife.
  • No puzzles, allowing you to hone in on the atmosphere.



Review Platform: PC

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Samuel Franklin
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