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  • Level of depth – Character options – Dungeon rankings
  • Hard to stop playing

Dungeon Blitz is a side scrolling MMO that you can play within your browser. The game is free to play and offers a nice gameplay pace to it.


During your Dungeon Blitz adventure you will explore the land of Ellyria which players arrive to by ship (which also serves as the tutorial). Once on the island a whole new world will open up to you with quests, monsters and new friends.

The game offers three different classes to choose from with options to play as a male or female character for each. Classes include the paladin, rouge and mage which all play as you would expect. Paladins are masters of melee damage and defence with the ability to heal themselves or allies. Rogues are fast moving and adept at disabling and surprising their foes. Finally mages are all about ranged combat with a variety of elemental skills to use.

You can hold multiple characters in your account so you can roll one of each available class if you wish. Character customisation is fairly deep especially considering the game is a browser game which ensures you won’t end up looking the same as everyone else.

Gameplay features a mixture of instanced dungeons and exploration of an overworld. Scores are awarded at the end of dungeon allowing you to rank yourself against other players.


The item system and skill systems in particular have a lot of depth with support for item socketing, item crafting, random loot droops and a large number of stats and skills to use. The level of depth is extremely impressive and it’s easy to spend more time in the extra bits then dungeons if you want.

Dungeon Blitz is a fantastic browser based game and the level of depth is well above what you would expect to see. If you are looking for your next casual MMO then this is it.


  • A free to play browser based MMO.
  • 3 different classes to play as with male and female options.
  • Dungeon rankings let you compare yourself to others.
  • Lots of depth in items with random drops, an item encyclopaedia and item crafting.
  • Plenty of skills to learn which lets you create a unique character.



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