Dungeon, Inc.

  • Incredible sound design with upbeat and funny game soundtracks far beyond other mobile titles
  • Unique take on a common mobile game formula ensures limited downtime in comparison to other titles
  • Despite innovation in mechanics it can't innovate enough to remove the significant grind or offer a notable end game

Corporations are evil, particular those that are literally a dungeon with an evil maniac boss who is content on committing fraud to maximise profit. While this might sound like your normal office job it’s in fact an idle/clicker mobile title called Dungeon, Inc. which pairs this setting with a fantastic soundtrack, humour and a few genre innovations to keep you tapping away at your phone.


Taking on the role of Gold Production Manager you have a single objective to maximise the gold profits of the company at any cost. In order to do so you’ll need to expand the floors of the Dungeon, Inc. office space, hire monsters for employees and defend against hero audits. Along the way players can also reset their progress, raid other offices and more on their way to becoming the ultimate manager responsible for the company’s profitability.

Core gameplay of Dungeon, Inc. is reminiscent of most clicker and idle games with players employing a mixture of idle profits and active management by tapping their device or managing other affairs to ensure efficiency is maximised. All of this is presented in a monster like office environment though with a soundtrack and visual presentation that remains engaging from your first hour to your hundredth and really separates itself from the wave of games in the genre that flood the app stores on a daily basis.


The core currency of the game is gold which is generated by the rooms within your dungeon themed company, starting with an office you’ll be able to slowly passively gain income to invest in a copy room, mine, forge, orchard, hatchery, salon and midas. That exponential curve of costs that the industry is known for is present here with each room offering progressively more gold income but costs an increasingly hefty amount upfront.

Rooms can also be upgraded to improve the speed and amount of gold they generate as well as tap damage to help you defend against audits which encourage more consistent interaction with your device over pure idle play. Each room can also be operated by a single employee and defended with a trap all of which are extremely unique from a slime cube named cubicle to a powerful dragon or haunted water cooler. Like the sound design previously the humour attached to these and their artistic design is consistently impressive.


Staff are more than just unique creatures though as they each have an ability to help room gold generation or defend audits, which makes careful planning vital. Said audits (represented by heroes) happen with regular frequency and involve a number of hero units attempting to invade your office. While your staff will attempt to defend players can also tap directly on heroes to cause damage with successful defence rewarding cash and chests that contain employee upgrades and coins.

Cash is the final key feature worth mentioning in Dungeon, Inc. and essentially serves as the games reset function. As tasks are performed (in particular audit defence) players will accrue an increasing cash insurance policy which when activated will wipe your progress clean but also reward you with cold hard cash to purchase unique artifacts and make your next game attempt much faster. Dungeon, Inc. is a superb idle game with fantastic sound design, endless tasks to perform and a unique setting you can play the game continuously for extended periods with ease.


  • Hire unique monster employees and defend against hero audits.
  • Perfect blend of active tapping and idle gameplay ensures consistent engagement is possible if desired.
  • Raid other offices for game rewards and competition.
  • Upgrade your staff and rooms to boost your insurance policy payout for reset.
  • Reset all your progress and start fresh with powerful artifacts.



Review Platform: iOS

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