Dying Light

  • Parkour and RPG elements offer well designed pacing and progression through the zombie themed world
  • Fantastic day night cycle that lets you pick your own risk and reward
  • Borrows a little too much from developers previous title (Dead Island) without implementing its own ideas
  • Lacks optimisation that can lead to frustrating FPS highs and lows for some

Parkour across a massive city while also slashing zombies to pieces in Dying Light a game with plenty of open world and RPG elements combined into a single adventure. Released on Windows, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in 2015 the game was later released on other console platforms with bundled DLC content.


Centred around agent Kyle Crane whose objective is to infiltrate the quarantine zone of Harran you explore the Middle-eastern city in full day/night cycles. This city is overrun with infestation that has turned its populace into aggressive zombie inspired creatures that now freely roam within the city zone. At the core of this adventure is parkour that takes you over the city rooftops and the aforementioned day night cycle that introduces plenty of risk and reward focused gameplay. In addition to exploring solo players can also enjoy multiplayer and co-operative four player gameplay which adds another element and longevity to the Dying Light game loop.

Supporting this game loop is the host of main story quests that help you explore this vast city and provide objectives for you to enter risky situations. These are predominately focused on the efforts of Crane as he attempts to retrieve sensitive documents from within the quarantine zone to prevent them falling into unwanted hands. In order to achieve this he’ll help a number of survivors within the zone while also taking on side quests for extra gear and experience to help you push into tougher areas.


Gameplay in Dying Light is all about being light on your feat with the aforementioned parkour elements letting you avoid most combat by running along the roofs and walls of the urban environment which is enhanced further with a grappling hook when desired. These parkour options can also be used against enemies with players having the ability to perform a variety of kicks to knock opponents down or force them into traps they’ve crafted and placed earlier. This trap mechanic is one that slowly evolves as you go further in the game and is ideally used at night time by laying light and spike traps to help you combat the dangerous night setting.

Players that opt for this approach will be rewarded with double experience at night time which is your reward for dealing with tougher than normal enemies as well as unique foes that will actively hunt the players during this period. Enemy toughness is increased primarily through density, senses and aggression which with the reduced visibility of the player can be an enjoyably rewarding challenge.


Encouraging players to take on this challenge is the experience earned for your tasks that can be spent in one of the three skill trees which govern your survival, combat and parkour prowess. Experience for these trees is also somewhat earned in different ways which will help you build a character that represents the way you like to play the game. Experience point penalties can be quite severe for dying during the day but are removed completely at night that provide yet another incentive for players to venture out in night time.


  • Parkour around the city to get from point A to B in unique and fast ways.
  • Assist the survivors scattered around the game world to grow your own resources or equipment for the story quests.
  • Craft new weapons or traps to help you combat basic and unique zombie style enemies.
  • Consider the risks and rewards of venturing out during the deadly night to push your character
  • Spend experience in the three detailed skill trees that help your shift your agent to your preferred style of play.



Review Platform: PC

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