• Good community – 12 elements and some interesting ones – Freedom in deck builds
  • Decent grind required – Basic card art

Command the elements with Elements, a free card game available to play within your browser. Join the friendly and dedicated community that has gathered around this title that has a Magic: The Gathering vibes to its design.


Elements offers up a deep fantasy setting with 12 different elements from players to choose from. Each has their own great card designs and general strategy from Earth which orientates towards protective spells to Gravity that focuses on momentum and redirecting attacks and Entropy which is all about random attacks and luck.

With your other 9 options including air, fire, water, light, darkness, time, aether, life and death its clear that Elements is a mix of the typical expectations but not afraid to venture outside the box as well. Players aren’t tied to this decision in any way but changing to a different Element will be an expensive process as all your starting cards will be centred around that element.

Decks in Elements require a minimum of 30 cards (max 60) which are pieced together from 3 card types of creatures, spells and permanents which fulfil typical card game roles. By using this deck players attempt to bring their enemies health down to zero (starting at 100 by default) by either a combination of creature or your own attacks which happen automatically between turns.

Permanents are the back bone of Elements with weapons, armour and pillars within this category. Weapons will automatically damage your opponent each turn (while armour will protect you) and pillars that generate quanta in order to use creature and spell cards.


New cards can either purchased from the bazaar for game coins which are earned for your efforts (completing quests, winning at PvP, beating the AI or selling cards). Rarer cards though can only be obtained from spins earned against AI opponents which does seem some grinding involved.

Elements is definitely a solid card offering, especially with the ease of playing in your browser. It’s ideal for the intermediate to veteran card player that doesn’t mind a bit of a grind and will appreciate the dedicated community.


  • Elemental based card game with 12 elements.
  • Customise your deck with 30-60 cards.
  • Choose from creatures, permanents and spells.
  • Fight various AI levels for cards and coins or battle in PvP.
  • Play in your browser.



Review Platform: Browser

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