Elite: Dangerous

  • Choose your own path with a literal galaxy waiting for you to make your story
  • Be prepared to grind to reach your goals and plenty of down time in between the action

Master the art of trading, combat and exploration in Elite: Dangerous an expansive space simulation title with open ended multiplayer gameplay where your own actions will impact on the story of the persistent universe. With an entire galaxy waiting for players you’ll command your starship across stars in a video game that seeks to join the ranks of other epic space MMO titles.


Launching in 2014 Elite: Dangerous started in the year 3300, which is also designed to run in sync with real time (making it 3302 in the year 2016 for example). Broadly this setting is based in a galaxy where cheap faster than light travel has become readily available to humanity and in turn resulted in the colonies and space stations you would expect. With spaceship ownership affordable to the majority of space citizens space exploration and trade is at an all time high between individual and mega corporations. Alongside this expansion of wealth three key factions have also emerged that are known as the Federation, Empire and Alliance that have their own underlying ideologies and areas under their control.

Your path within this world can involve trading, bounty hunting, piracy, assassinations and mining which of course range from legal to illegal which comes with its own set of considerations. All of these actions can be enjoyed in the single player mode or in the multiplayer online Open Play mode. Borrowing from EVE Online this online mode recreates the harshness of life with actions such as stealing, extortion and even territorial control all allowed within the game with the player base free to setup their own faction guild systems.


Regardless of your choice of mode or role in this space adventure you’ll explore the hundreds of billions of star systems that are filled with moons, planets and stars that have their own orbits. Just like our own galaxy which the game is based planets range from varying ice, rock, metal rich, water, gas and Earth-like with their own rarity for a realistic space setting.

Spread out throughout this expansive universe is plenty of outposts and large space stations which serve as hubs to accept quests, trade goods and upgrade your spaceship in a repeating gameplay loop. With the open world design of Elite Dangerous players are free to take up on any game role they wish to acquire this wealth with the only perquisite the acquisition of the necessary equipment and willingness to start from the bottom in this respective role. A key defining piece of equipment in this role is your space ship which are broadly designed for trading, smuggling, exploring, mining, bounty hunting and pirating roles.


For example for trading you’ll want ships with suitable cargo space while mining will need the specialised tools to blast asteroids apart safely which is primarily based on both ship size and the the different modules you can equip. With secret engineers to push your ship beyond the base performance achievable and a range of ranks across each of these roles players have plenty of content ahead of the time to achieve everything space has to offer.


  • Adventure across billions of star systems based on our own Milky Way.
  • Join other players as you band together for shared objectives or to shape your own story in the game framework.
  • Customise your starship with your hard earned currency with specific modules that allow you to perform specialty roles to earn a living.
  • Trade, fight, mine or become a pirate and everything in between with the galaxy serving as your own playground.
  • A living game world where you decide how you contribute while time advances with or without you.



Review Platform: PC

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