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  • Lore focused world – Great combat – Good class options
  • Translations are a bit off

Elsword Online offers a skill based action packed MMORPG experience. The game is free to play and uses a 2.5D side scrolling interface. Elsword was developed by KOG Studios and was originally released in 2007 but didn’t make its way to North America until 2011.


Elsword Online is packed full of features that you would expect from a modern MMORPG including PvP, guilds, chat systems and skill based combat. In the game you’ll team up with other players to clear stages of the games story.

The story of Elsword takes place in the land of Elrios which draws power from the El Stone. One day the El Stone mysteriously disappears and a group of adventurers goes in search of the magical stone. This story is simple enough to provide the backstory for your Elsword Online adventure and means you won’t be constantly bogged down with story elements or stuck reading long passages of dialogue.

Players will follow the story across multiple regions that each have their own central town with connecting dungeons. These central hubs are where you’ll learn more about the region, talk to NPCs, gather quests and trade with merchants. As you adventure through all the regions you will slowly increase the strength of your character and have the opportunity to learn more about the lore of the game world.


Elsword Online definitely has a focus on providing a great mixture of characters to players. Each character has their own unique feel and backstory which really adds a lot to the game world and creates an entirely different experience depending on your class (encouraging you to have several active characters). There are a total of six character classes each with two different advancement options so there is something for everyone regardless of your preferred play style.

Elsword Online plays much like Grand Chase and other games from the 2D side scrolling genre. The skill based combat is a nice change of pace from other options as is the lore heavy game world that helps you create a connection to your chosen character.


  • Action and skill based combat.
  • Lore heavy game world.
  • Unique lore for each of the six characters.
  • Well-designed co-op adventures.
  • Stylish graphics.



Review Platform: PC

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