Empire Earth II

  • Interesting game mechanics – Solid gameplay
  • New features add a lot of complexity, not for the faint hearted

Empire Earth II builds on the popular original and delivers a strong real time strategy experience with plenty of new additions. Development was handled by Mad Doc Software who created the expansion pack for the original Empire Earth game.


In Empire Earth II players can complete one of three available campaigns which focus on America, Korea and Germany. Of course you’ll also have access to the skirmish game mode where you can set as many game options as you want before taking on an AI opponent (or another player).

The epoch progression of Empire Earth II is very similar to that of the original with players advancing through 15 ages and unlocking new technology as they go. In the sequel you’ll start in the stone age and slowly build towards the synthetic age.

To add another layer of depth and management your resource needs will change with epochs in some cases, for example iron is only used between the 4th and 9th epoch. Core resources (food, wood, gold and stone) remain constant throughout all the epochs in the game though.

For the most part the core gameplay is the same experience that strategy fans fell in love with during the original Empire Earth although a number of new features are present that help streamline the gameplay in certain areas. These streamlining features include additional game windows to manage activities, default settings for citizens and diplomacy and a war planner section that allows you to communicate attacks with your allies.


There are also a number of gameplay improvements though, including the crown system that grants powerful strategic advantages to players who are first to master a particular technology tree (economic, military or imperial) in a particular epoch (age).

The game also now features a weather system which is something rarely seen in the real time strategy genre. This weather system can change the landscape of the game world and impact performance of units, even damaging them.


  • Builds on the gameplay of the original and enhances it with new features.
  • 15 different epochs to explore, some have their own unique resources.
  • 3 campaign stories to explore.
  • Take your civilisation from stone to synthetic.
  • Plenty of depth for the strategy fan.



Review Platform: PC

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