Empire Earth

  • Lots of strategy to explore – Available campaigns, epochs and civilisations
  • Slower than similar RTS games

Empire Earth (EE) offers a great RTS experience and is the first game in the franchise. The game was developed by Stainless Steel Studios for a late 2011 release with an expansion pack (Art of Conquest) released in 2002 (purchase the Empire Earth Gold Edition to get the original and the expansion).


Gameplay in Empire Earth is very similar to that of the popular Age of Empires series, featureing a historical based setting (although eventually takes players to a near futuristic setting). Don’t simply think that the game is an Age of Empires clone though, Empire Earth has plenty of additional features and tweaks that give it its own personality.

Empire Earth has over 20 civilizations to play that each have their own strengths and playstyle to utilise. Not including the tutorial campaign you’ll find that you’ve got 5 different campaigns to progress through which is plenty of single player content to explore. These campaigns are broken up into a number of scenarios and wrap a story around each of them so you never feel like you’re just completing a dry board of objectives.

In Empire Earth you’ll find the core gameplay very similar to that of most strategy games, you’ll gather the necessary resources as you advance through a number of ages (known as epochs). There are a total of 14 available (15 with the expansion pack) epochs to advance through which take you from the prehistoric age right up to the space age.


Unique features in Empire Earth also include the morale system which impacts your unit stats on the battlefield and a hero system that allows you to rally your troops or demoralise the enemy.

One of the most impressive features though is the ability for players to create their own civilisation with their own bonuses so if you don’t like one of the available options you can easily piece together your own that suits your playstyle.


  • Large number of civilisations to choose from or create your own.
  • Start in the prehistoric age and advance to the space age.
  • Morale and hero system adds another layer to combat.
  • Great number of campaigns that offer a varied experience.
  • Takes the Age of Empires formula and improves it.



Review Platform: PC

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