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  • Range of options – Scheduling system – Create your own movies and shows
  • Not entirely tycoon as actual optimal choices are limited

Empire TV Tycoon is all about guiding your own television channel to become the most viewed in the world. Step into the shoes of TV manager as you acquire your audience, choose advertisers, select your staff and even find appropriate actors.


If you’ve ever thought you could run a television station better Empire TV Tycoon now gives you that opportunity. Take your station from small time to fame as you oversee every element before you. Borrowing from the countless management games before it Empire TV Tycoon takes these elements, mixes them together and wraps it within a television meets movie skin.

Joining Empire TV in the midst of bankruptcy you’ll be thrown a struggling TV channel with the objective to turn it around, to save the company and your job. Competing against other channels decisions and direction are in your hands, centred around determining the appropriate content for your audience. Players must consider the likes and dislikes of their audience though so you can’t simply select your own personal favourites, with careful selection comes more fame, more audience and more cash for expansion.

While players can opt to purchase shows to screen to their audience (both legal and illegal which has its own consequences) you can also choose to take up the director chair instead to produce your own. These includes both television shows and movies both of which have a wealth of genres and require careful decisions if you’re going to come out in the green.


Although the majority of success falls squarely on your star actor who not only needs the necessary skills but needs to be micromanaged by yourself, just like any real life actor who believes the world revolves around them. In addition to these highly paid staff you’ll also have to fill up your television station with employees to do the more tedious tasks and keep the cash flowing in.

Overall Empire TV Tycoon is a very in depth tycoon experience and ideal for anyone that enjoys business management games.


  • Lead your own TV channel to the top of the ratings.
  • Buy your favourite movies and TV shows or create your own.
  • Choose your actors and other staff with their own statistics.
  • Pick the schedule of shows each day, factoring in your current audience.
  • Large range of mechanics and elements to manage, giving you plenty of control.



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