• Dark game – Option to be good or evil – 12 character options
  • Some of the difficulty feels cheap and frustrating

Enclave is an action orientated game in a fantasy realm that lets players fight on behalf of good or evil with totally separate missions based on their approach. The game launched back in 2002 for Windows, Mac and Xbox eventually coming to the Wii in 2012.


The game takes place 1000 years after the high wizard Zale erected a dome of protection around the town of Celenheim to protect it from the dominating armies of the evil demon Vatar. Because 1000 years have passed the citizens of Celenheim have all forgotten about the evil beyond the rift, but the magic is fading and Celenheim will once again be under threat.

Players join this world as a freshly released prisoner and must make the decision to fight the demonic Vatar or instead kill the current queen of Celenheim and all hope of victory for the side of good. Enclave is a hack and slash game at heart and is played through a third person perspective. As the game is set in a medieval era players will use weapons and magic that are typical of the time frame.

Before every mission you’ll get to choose which character to play as (from a total of 12 options that are slowly unlocked) and select the gear for the mission ahead. Increasingly powerful gear is made available as players increase their reserve of gems and gold throughout missions.


What will really attract you to Enclave over other games is the dark atmosphere of the game and the moral dilemmas you face throughout your journey. Do you want to team up with evil and end all hope in the world? Or fight for what is right and rid the world of Vatar?

This experience also combines with a somewhat brutal difficulty that will deter all but the most hardcore role playing fans.


  • Choose to fight for good or evil.
  • Pick from 12 unlockable characters to take into each mission.
  • Plenty of gear and upgrade options.
  • Dark atmosphere and unique game setting.
  • A difficulty level that will test your role playing skills.



Review Platform: PC

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