Endless Legend

  • Fascinating fantasy world – Large range of win conditions
  • Multiplayer imbalances take away lots of strategy – Less combat depth than similar titles

Taking everything learned from the impressive space 4X strategy game Endless Space Amplitude Studios revisits the genre with a fantasy twist in Endless Legend.


Your objective as is standard for the genre is to dominate the world known as Auriga using one out of the eleven possible in game factions. With a standard core gameplay loop of exploration, founding of new cities, researching technology and ending the game through diplomatic or aggressive means.

Endless Legend stays fairly close to the formula of similar 4X strategy games with players taking control of their own fantasy faction and exploring the surrounding area and expanding their own empire through the likes of conquest or diplomacy. Set on the land of Auriga (which is randomised each game) Endless Legend features many different biomes which populate the hexagonal game grid that can impact unit stats.

With its focus on exploration much of the game world will start covered in the usual strategy game mechanic of fog of war. Hiding beneath the fog is resource nodes, minor factions that will challenge the player and even quests which form the bulk of the games story and varies based on faction, even serving as a win condition.

One key mechanic that separates Endless Legend from the variety of other titles in the growing 4X strategy scene is the use of regions to define the borders of your land. With this system in place once cities have been conquered the entire regional area also becomes the factions territory. Only a single city can exist within region borders and each faction is provided an appropriate unit at the start of the game to settle their first city.


Such cities are vital cornerstones of your future strategy with armies raised from cities. Each army is made of a unique mixture of individual fighters that have their own abilities and cane be paired with a hero unit for additional power.

The strategy elements of Endless Legends are highly refined with the experience in developed past 4X strategy titles. With an even more impressive fantasy scene behind the game Endless Legends is a high rated experience for all strategy followers.


  • Superb 4X strategy gameplay wrapped in a fantasy setting.
  • Control cities and recruit an army to make your mark.
  • Vast range of factions with distinct visual designs.
  • Explore a random world of quests, resources and other factions.
  • For Windows and Mac.



Review Platform: PC

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