Endless Space 2

  • Great UI and graphics – Develop your civilization your own way
  • Lacks real strategic challenge

Revisiting the wide darkness of space yet again with a turn based strategy game is Endless Space 2. Offering the same science fiction setting of the original released in 2012 the game expands on the universe and strategy of the original.


Selling itself as a “strategic space opera” players step into a universe of strange and wonderful mysteries that was first colonised by a race of beings with untold power known only as the Endless. With their civilization fallen into ruin only the powerful artifacts of their world and the substance of Dust remains.

Beyond discovering these mysteries players will also be encouraged to explore the massive galaxy one star system at a time while also establishing colonies on these worlds, creating trade routes and improving their technology along the way as new alien life forms make themselves known (for friend or conquering). Within each system you’ll also encounter strange anomalies, different environments and planetary stats that can excel your development.

In order to achieve this Endless Space 2 delivers some absolutely stunning space battles that play out in real time with massive lasers and all manner of destructive weaponry to tear apart enemy aircraft. All of this is of course customisable with ship design, assembly and fleet make up in your hands.


Players can also access powerful heroes in the Academy that can serve as powerful battle commanders or instead lead the fight on the political front. Behind the galactic space battles is one of eight playable civitlizations that adopt their own strategies through perks and traits to acquire Dust and lead the galaxy. One thing all races have in common though is their thirst for technological advancement which will serve you well across multiple streams of gameplay.

Endless Space 2 is a great leap forward in the Endless franchise, once again offering a solid and visually impressive game. It’s only real shortcoming is the lack of challenge, leaving it feel more like the simulation opera it sells itself as rather than a game that will challenge your strategy muscle.


  • A step forward for the Endless strategy game franchise.
  • Eight playable civilizations to command.
  • Customise your fleet of ships and heroes.
  • Conquer the power of Dust and the galaxy in various ways.
  • Play on Mac and Windows.



Review Platform: PC

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