Enforcer: Police Crime Action

  • Unique gameplay – Lots of interesting mechanics
  • Still a long way from a finished product

Enforcer: Police Crime Action lets you live the life of a police officer in a GTA style open world. Challenging you to stay alive in the line of duty while also balancing your personal life, Enforcer is really in a genre of it’s own with the wide range of mechanics it offers.


Set in a small American town players will have to enforce all sorts of laws in their home town from pulling over drunk drivers, dealing with traffic accidents and stopping theft a police officer’s work is never done. To assist with your law enforcement players will get their own squad car, weapon, taser, traffic cones, traffic radar and much more.

With game mechanics that let you pull over cars, initiate breath tests, block of roads, interview pedestrians the game gives you all the tools to feel like a police officer. As you rise through the police ranks your assignments will also expand to more deadly ones from the hundred something pool of missions.

Outside of your police duties players will spend their wages on buying personal cars, furniture for your house and food to keep your energy levels high. To further reduce your stress levels players can sleep or visit their family to ensure that they are level headed for their next police shift.


With an independent developer behind the game it’s clear that lots of love and attention have been poured into the game. Of course on the other side of the coin you’ve got low production values paired with a fair share of bugs that do require patience on your behalf to keep the experience an enjoyable one.

The foundations and idea behind Enforcer: Police Crime Action are quite impressive and if you have the patience for the bugs and less than perfect gameplay you’ll find a nice little police game that captures the life of a police office.


  • A police simulation game.
  • Set up speed traps, use traffic cones and perform breath tests.
  • Stop murderers and thieves then send them to jail.
  • Balance your off duty lifestyle by going out with family and getting a good sleep.
  • Rise the police ranks by upholding the letter of the law.



Review Platform: PC

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