Episode – Choose Your Story

  • Create your own story for publish with the community
  • Large number of story collections across genres gives everyone a story
  • Free limitations restricts free to pay players heavily
  • Basic animations within stories compared to other options in the genre

Episode – Choose Your Story (Episode) is a mobile (iOS and Android) experience that lets you drive the story in the direction that you want through various key prompts. Known for great variety of stories and regular updates, Episode is a game you can keep installed for a lengthy period of time with its growing collection of stories for players to place themselves in the middle of. As one of the premier options in the visual novel space on mobile Episode – Choose Your Story has inspired countless other similar titles with the game itself based on those story games released before it.


Episode – Choose Your Story boasts thousands of different stories in various settings and genres ensuring players can either play a comedy focused adventure or one with a bit of romance instead. Popular stories include high school romances, wedding proposals, supernatural stories, amnesic recoveries, Hollywood fame and countless others that explore familiar and unfamiliar settings. A number of games are also based on movies (such as Mean Girls and Twilight) or follow a popular celebrity such as Demi Lovato.

Regardless of the story that you select players will find around a dozen chapters within each story that comes with an abundance of twists, turns and choices for the player to make. These plots often focus on a small cast of main characters alongside a handful of side characters to ensure they aren’t overly complex and accessible to a range of age groups and reading abilities. Generally most of the written stories can also be slightly customised by allowing players to name certain characters, adjust their looks or select the gender of their love interest.


For those that also fancy themselves a writer Episode encourages story submissions which can be released for others to play provided they meet some basic criteria¬† such as reaching a certain number of words and don’t focus on offensive content. Across these stories you will find similar gameplay with players customising a character look to reflect themselves and then going through a series of story points where a decision must be made.

These decisions can then impact on both the direction and ending of the story alongside the various dialogue and character reactions. The individual story games also feature some light animation although are mostly text based adventures across the game genres.


The number and frequency of stories that are released on the Episode platform are the main attraction for players and why this game continues to be a popular game several years after its release within the competitive genre. With thousands of stories across different genres its also easy to find a story within the wealth of unique adventures of Episode that will keep you entertained for months to come.


  • Thousands of different stories and settings to enjoy across a range of story genres.
  • Write your own story for others to enjoy within the community.
  • Choose your look, set the names of characters and make the key decisions within each story.
  • Constantly new content to experience with a growing collection of story updates.
  • Free to play for iOS and Android.



Review Platform: iOS

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