Escape From Paradise

  • Mixture of simple gameplay mechanics to create variation in core gameplay
  • Start your adventure with a large number of survivors rather than having to build up
  • Slow pacing particularly early on with no option to adjust game speed
  • Basic design and UI leaves a lot to be desired

Imagine going on a luxury cruise to end up stranded on an unknown island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. This is the challenge you’ll face in Escape From Paradise, a game that mixes strategy, time management and various mini games into a single adventure for Windows that also allows you to create your own customised passengers.


Escape From Paradise starts you on day 1 of your stranded existence after your ship the SS Fantasy strands you and 50 passengers on a tropical island in the middle of nowhere. Without a moment to waste players will need to start building the necessary structures, explore the island and gather radio parts which are your best hope of rescue from the island.

The fact that players start with a large number of survivors from day one creates a very different experience in comparison to similar island survival games as players have all the villagers they need right from the start rather than slowly building up a tribe. All of these survivors aren’t simply gifted to you though and you’ll have to win them over to your leadership before being able to put them to maximum use.


As such much of your time is spent keeping your survivors sane as you take care of their basic needs in a sim-like experience. Hunger, thirst, sleep and social are important factors that must be monitored and provided for if you’re ever going to escape the island environment as it ensures survivors can perform other tasks.

Beyond caring for these basic needs players attention will be given to unearthing an array of treasures and the aforementioned 10 radio parts. Most of this is driven by the over two dozen challenges that range from simple building projects to more complex multi-part efforts that require you to gather resources or assign survivors.


Most of the later challenges in particular require special skills that survivors can only obtain through specialisation (such as a lumberjack becoming more proficient the more trees he chops down). While a minor mechanic this adds a lot to the actual gameplay loop of Escape From Paradise as you’re constantly trying to develop certain villagers into specialists outside core resource management.

To break up the management elements the game is also packed with mini-games, a total of 17 in all. For the most part these are all games you will recognise such as match 3, Sudoku and checkers but are well-designed despite the lack of innovation in creating completely unique mini games to match the theme.


  • Interesting mix of mini-games, management and sim gameplay in a single island adventure.
  • Survive on an island with many other shipwrecked passengers who can specialise in various tasks.
  • Look after the basic needs (hunger, thirst, sleep and social) of your survivor community.
  • 17 Mini games that feature all match three, Sudoku and checkers challengers.
  • Customise your characters and complete many resource and time based challenges.



Review Platform: PC

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