EverQuest II

  • Huge number of quests and locations that have been updated throughout the game life cycle
  • Impressive class choices with a broad set of playstyles available across good and evil class/race combinations
  • Continued push towards pay for content and progress mechanics
  • Older game has resulted in a top heavy player base that will mean you'll be doing lots of solo until end game

EverQuest II is a 3D MMORPG that builds on the EverQuest series and originally released in 2004 as a paid MMO title before later transitioning to a free to play adventure in 2011. Continuing to develop itself throughout the decades the EverQuest universe is well known and respected in the multiplayer genre and still competes against the modern MMO variants available today.


For gamers who played the original EverQuest adventure this game takes place in the same fictional world of Norrath although 500 years have passed since that time and players have been shifted to an alternate universe following the Planes of Power storyline completion of the first game. Based around the book of Zebuxoruk which tells of events during the Planes of Power that left many gods destroyed and Druzzil Ro attempting to reverse time in order to save them.

Inadvertently though this leads to the creation of an entirely new universe that is void of gods and has been subject to a range of cataclysmic events over the centuries. This makes the game separate enough from the original that it won’t affect new comers to the series but still has those nostalgic moments for EverQuest fans as you find familiar references and locations scattered throughout. Be it town districts, the Steamfont Mountains, the Sinking Hands, the Mystic Lake or the Kylong Plains you’ll find a diverse roster of locations with their own level based quests or monster challenges.


Stepping into this world you’ll create your own character to explore EverQuest II with a huge amount of visual options, multiple races and a large number of classes to choose from as you side with either the good or evil factions of the game world. The vast majority of classes EverQuest II can equally choose these sides although a small number are limited to good or evil. Races are similarly themed across good, neutral and evil options while also having minor impacts on your starting stats. Primarily familiar fantasty designs like dwarf, fae (fairy), halfling, elf, gnome, human, troll, ogre players will also find several unique EverQuest II races like the frog themed froglok. Presently you’ll find 26 total character classes that fall into one of the four archetypes of scout, priest, mage and fighter that each hold familiar character designs within them.

Scouts for example include the bard inspired dirge or troubador alongside the traditional assassin, ranger and pet class (beastlord) character designs. In comparison the priest category goes beyond a single class like other MMO titles by offering the druid, cleric and shaman themes in this archetype. Lastly players will find the fighter and mage groups has a wealth of familiar choices like the berserker, monk, paladin, warlock, necromancer and illusionist.


Like other games in the MMO genre EverQuest II puts its focus into questing with countless quests spread across the lands that provide additional detail to the world and grow your character strength through the usual experience, money and equipment blend. Combat is at the heart of this with a range of skills and combat arts on both side of the battle that deal damage, buff or debuff which leaves one fighter with a health pool of zero and defeated. In addition players will enhance their power through an equipment rarity system to boost your character attributes and available abilities. This is further enhanced with basic auto-attacks and pets that help players in battle for another familiar MMO mechanic that many newer MMOs have adopted from EverQuest II’s design.

Beyond this EverQuest II rounds out your adventure with all the social and progression features players have come to expect from the genre. With bosses, raids, guilds, housing and trade skills providing potentially hundreds or thousands of gameplay hours beyond your core adventure to max level and end game.


  • Playthrough hundreds of quests across a diverse world where good and evil battle.
  • Huge list of races and classes available to allow you to create your own story and access to specialised skills.
  • Develop your character with trade skills, equipment and raw combat experience.
  • Plenty of community features to bring players together to socialise and fight.
  • A MMO that dates back to 2004 with an established history while continuing to grow.



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