• Visually attractive with anime styling and individually distinct town people
  • Decorations have a purpose by allowing you to boost your Eco stat that prevents spoilage of production
  • Significantly slower than other titles for expanding your available game area as optimisation is handled through Eco mechanic instead

Build your own cute anime town in EveryTown a game filled with customisation, freedom and quests that let you shape your small little town into something truly unique and impressive. With a visually distinct presentation that has anime inspiration your peaceful EveryTown is a fantastic customisation adventure.


In EveryTown players find themselves returning home to warm welcome with the town seeking out your help to expand and bring back some of the glory of days long past in the town. It’s a familiar setup but the adorable and detailed graphics quickly helps to capture your attention in EveryTown while retaining this high production value throughout. To start the town rejuvenation you’ll plant some cabbage crops in the six starting fields, tend to your cow and make your first loaf of bread from the local mill. The result is a healthy amount of starting experience, coins and the knowledge you’ll need to take your town far with this gameplay loop continuing albeit with more freedom and depth as you unlock additional mechanics through level up and purchases from earned game coins.

While this overall experience is similar to that of other games in the genre EveryTown has one particular unique mechanic that helps to set the tone for your beautiful town. The mechanic known as the Eco system boosts the length of time that your fields, trees, pens and other production orientated buildings can go without expiring providing a significant edge for those who aren’t constantly watching the clock to login to the app.


In order to boost this Eco you’ll need to construct Eco boosting structures that are primarily double as the decorations of EveryTown which encourages players to balance their income production with some of the beautiful decorative items, while also reducing chance of spoiled food and products. This is also important as the number of fields is limited by your level so further productivity must be gained through a good Eco level and upgraded buildings. When paired with the visually focused presentation this mechanic ensures you’ll be fully utilising them to boost your Eco which demonstrates fantastic subtle game design.

To guide your town progression your childhood friends are happy to give you a number of quests that require you to collect a particular resource or construct their favourite buildings. By following these you’ll also ensure a steady stream of experience and coins to invest into expansion that complements the focus on selling refined finished goods in the game marketplace. As quests are completed and additional characters unlocked players can even customise their clothing as you watch them walk around your ever expanding town space.


Ultimately EveryTown is a solid city building game although it doesn’t avoid the free to play trappings that plague this mobile variant of the genre, it’s generally better than most games in terms of hard paywalls though that you can’t overcome within a reasonable timeframe. For those that love an anime style or want a city building and resource management mobile game with strong and distinct visual style, EveryTown offers that experience.


  • Unique and pleasing aesthetic with an anime styling to it.
  • Unlock new town characters and accept their quests while customising their visual look.
  • Emphasis on building decorations that build your Eco to prevent crop spoilage.
  • Visit the towns of your friends for rewards and town ideas.
  • Expand your buildings and fields to maximise income and experience gain.



Review Platform: iOS

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