Evochron Legacy

  • Deep and technical ship simulation that captures the feeling of real space flight
  • Player choice of what to do and when to do ensures its your own adventure
  • Expansive galaxy can often feel empty that while realistic slows down your adventure
  • Players can't shape or influence the galaxy and are primarily a reactive participant

Explore the dark reaches of space in Evochron Legacy a freeform space flight simulation game that expands on the Evochron universe of games with a broader universe for players to embark on their own path. With an entire galaxy at your disposal Evochron Legacy is a space title that emphasises player control over their progression as you pick your own niche speciality or progress as a generalist instead.


The backdrop for this galactic journey is the Evochron quadrant of space where the human race has expanded rapidly into deep space after the discovery of technology (Fulcrum Field) that enabled faster than light travel between the stars. With this rapid expansion the human race has sent millions of humans to various planets where they have explored, colonised, mined and militarised. Alongside this there has been a rapid build up of industry that has resulted in a scattered network of stations and colonies for trade. Players join this galaxy post a major war between the empires of the Alliance and the Federation which has been somewhat subdued in recent years allowing for a rebuilding of the heights of the original galactic expansion.

After stepping into the world your choices for designing your path through the galaxy are diverse with no set story or character plot. This results in options for merchanting, exploring, mining, racing, crafting, combat and other activities one would expect from an entire galaxy to offer. This gives players ample choice to decide on their current objective and make plenty of in game currency to grow their wealth and reputation along the way to their ultimate self determined game objective. That being said players do get choice of their initial allied faction and the role that their ship is specialised in that impacts your starting area, ship design and initial credit funding.


At the core of the vast majority of these activities though is the space flight simulation where you pilot your own customisable craft that develops over time and can serve different speciality roles. Underneath these decisions and specialties are an abundance of game systems that create a living galaxy. This includes quadrant wide events that will impact economy, faction control of specific areas, improve the general level of technology available and zones of combat. Each of these events in turn provides players decision points as to how (or if) they want to react and capitalise on the situation.

All of these game aspects in Evochron Legacy require plenty of strategy as you plan your ship movements and consider things like inertia with an experience that sometimes borderlines that of a space flight simulator. With features such as being able to look around the inside of your ship and shift your gaze through your side windows really makes you feel on the inside of your own single pilot starship while completing the abundance of galaxy activities.


This realism in piloting also translates over to the combat which is similarly impressive and ensures each battle is a test. Players need to consider things such as their shield array, energy, heat, stealth and their weapon type (of three available) and the aiming mechanics that ensure each confirmed kill against enemies or asteroids feels satisfying as you balance all of the above. With each weapon type (beam, particle cannon and missile) having different mechanics and effective situations each decision you make in combat has weight.

As a result there are few space games can match the level of realism that Evochron Legacy offers and the vast number of improvements over the past game in particular are a nice touch but might be a little short of making it worth purchasing both of these Evochron titles.


  • Explore a vast universe in your own customisable ship as you define your objectives.
  • Blend of video game and ship simulation with many aspects to consider during space flight and combat.
  • A new adventure in the Evochron universe that expands the systems and mechanics to new levels of depth.
  • Join a faction and take on quests to increase your reputation and wealth as you progress through technology.
  • Trade, fight, explore, craft and plenty of other activities across the galaxy.



Review Platform: PC

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