• Great monster designs and strategy battle options provide plenty of gameplay variation
  • Large story adventure full of unique regions that ensure it is more than just a monster battle clone
  • In app purchases and purchase price is not an enjoyable consumer combo
  • Strange AI decisions can lead to endless cycles of swapping Creos

Evolved from a crowd funding campaign EvoCreo aims to bring a full Pokemon like experience to iOS and Android devices. The inspiration is evident in every corner of the game world and captures that nostalgic feeling of starting a new monster capture adventure with familiar tropes, mechanics and other themes. In addition to the paid full versions the game includes a lite free to play version that provides a small taste of the potential adventure prior to purchasing the full experience.


Like other monster taming adventures EvoCreo presents players with a young aged character who is tasked with setting across the world to look for their father who has disappeared. As is traditional for monster capture RPGs the world is not safe to adventure without your own pet (called a Creo) that serves as both companion and battle partner for the adventure ahead. Choosing from 1 of 3 baby Creos across fire, nature and water types you’ll start your progress to developing a full team and eventually evolve them into more powerful forms for growing game challengers.

In total players will be able to acquire 172 different Creos with their own creative visual designs, information, elements, rarities, catch rates, statistics, moves and locations. While an underlying objective to catch them all is present the game also has an underlying story for players to progress. Told across nearly a dozen locations players will venture across the Plantae Region, Carbon Region, Fortuna Region, Hydro Region and a number of secret areas with their own themes and Creo to collect.


After you’ve set out you’ll find everything familiar to the Pokemon series with players walking through tall grass, caves and cities while encountering random Creos that can be added to your party or defeated for experience. Along the way you will even encounter an evil organisation known as the Shadow Hive who are trying to abuse Creos for their own power grab purposes.

Like most Pokemon clones though the interface and settings don’t ever quite reach the heights of the Pokemon franchise but flexible fans will be able to look past this as it definitely comes the closest yet in terms of clones on the market. The world of EvoCreo itself is also extremely open and can sometimes even leave you lost as you look for the next path to take.


Other Pokemon like mechanics are there with elemental strengths and weaknesses to consider, other trainers to take down and item shops. It’s not all copied mechanics though with the uniquely rare normal Creo that can be shaped and moulded by the elements it uses and the games energy system for combat which recharges moves either slowly or quickly depending on their power level. A welcomed touch is the simple recovery moves that prevent town back tracking as well and keeps you focused on the adventure at hand.


  • Paid Pokemon inspired mobile title with a free lite version available to try the game.
  • Over 170 different monsters to find and collect with their own designs, moves, statistics and evolutions.
  • Massive story length campaign of dozens of hours across many unique game regions.
  • Some unique mechanics ensures EvoCreo is more than just a clone such as how attacks recharge.
  • For Android and iOS players.



Review Platform: iOS

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