Fable III

  • Beautiful game with a unique style and setting that changes with your actions
  • Continues on from the Fable II adventure in a unique way with you seeking to topple your past hero
  • A lack of difficutly and challenge with players given overpowered dodge and magic mechanics
  • Gold economy is quickly beaten with a key driver of your adventure (loot) becoming pointless

Fable III is the third game in the Fable series and has players again exploring what Albion has to offer with a relatively open adventure in the familiar world. Set 50 years after the second game it is available on the Xbox 360 (later Xbox One with backwards compatibility) and Windows.


The continent of Albion has advanced quite a bit in the 50 years since players last had the opportunity to explore the continent. Most notably is the player character from the previous game has now become the ruler of Albion and in turn forged a new kingdom in their image while established Bowerstone as the new capital. With this period the kingdom has also seen significant progression towards an industrial age with large scale resource complexes and factories across the kingdom. For gameplay this means that players will be able to find guns as an equipment option alongside the returning melee weapons and magic combat options.

Playing as the brother of your Fable II hero you’ll have a unique challenge ahead as you seek to overthrow them as the king and take that place for yourself. This is not an entirely selfish goal though with players doing it to command a defence against a growing evil power. As a result much of the story revolves around players creating a successful revolt by forming alliances that requires you to visit various locations and complete quests in turn. While the fantasy story is not particularly unique the decision to extend the game across two releases creates an interesting experience of what happens after story events and one that most video games don’t explore.


In addition to the core story direction players will make decisions throughout which impact how others view you across a good or evil spectrum. This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to shaping the Fable III game world though with the morphing mechanic also returning. Not only will the city morph with decisions that you make but your weapons and features of your characters will take on different appearances with each good and evil decision.

These can either be big story changing decisions during dialogue sequences or small actions you take during side quests with a clear impact on the potential to earn gifts from the populace. In between these choices as an action adventure title you’ll be exploring the world with your pet dog and engaging in combat with both human and creature enemies.


With regular combat encounters ahead players will use both melee, ranged and magic attacks. While you have some choice in the weapon types for these attacks you’ll primarily be focused on combos, charged attacks and critical hits. Underneath all of this is an upgrade system that allows you to turn your acquired treasure from combat into character power. Alternatively players can slowly acquire shops and houses within that city which then provide passive income instead.


  • Third game in the Fable series that revisits the events from Fable II.
  • Enhances the morphing from the previous games with the city, your character and even weapons changing form slowly with each decision you make.
  • Combat a range of threats with melee, ranged and magical options that you upgrade as you progress.
  • Make good and evil decisions that push the kingdom into two distinct directions.
  • Available for Windows, Xbox 360 (and Xbox One backwards compatibility).



Review Platform: PC

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