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  • New settlement building and item crafting – Massively improved gunplay
  • Dumb down of role playing – Less quests than previous titles

The bombs have dropped and Fallout 4 is climbing out of the rubble, explore a devastated Boston landscape in the year 2287 over two centuries after the world was taken to the edge by nuclear war.


With the fifth major game in the Fallout franchise players will finally get to see the day that the bombs were dropped. This is where your journey starts with your wife (or husband) and child in your retro futuristic home.

Soon after this opening though you’ll be hurried off to the safe haven that is Vault 111 before emerging over 200 years later alone. This is your drive to go out there and explore the vast wasteland as you hunt for your child with your fully voice acted main character (another first for the series).

Just like the open worlds before it Fallout 4 is large and full of hidden mysteries. While the main story will take you to many of these locations the full experience hides beyond this. From side quests, role playing, item hunting, crafting and settlement creation.

The popular V.A.T.S. mechanic also returns which allows players to now slow down time (previously pausing it completely) to target particular body parts for attack. Fallout 4 offers a significant improvement in gunplay though so you’ll be relying on this less than past games unless you choose to build your character to take advantage of V.A.T.S.


This choice is completely yours to make with the S.P.E.C.I.A.L. and perk systems returning although it’s a slightly trim downed version of what Fallout fans have come to expect. This isn’t the only feature that has seen some cutting either with role playing taking a hit in the dialogue department with simplified conversation options that don’t really feel like you’ve got multiple conversation paths to take.

Fallout 4 adds a lot of features (item crafting, unique weapons and settlement building) but comes at the cost of the role playing features. This ensures accessibility to a wider audience but will turn away some of the more hardcore role players among us.


  • Continues the Fallout franchise with a new setting.
  • Hunt for your child after leaving Vault 111.
  • Find unique items off deadly foes or craft your own.
  • Build your character with perks and attributes.
  • Use V.A.T.S. to slow time or rely on the newly improved gunplay.



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