Fallout Shelter

  • Captures the Fallout theme perfectly and brings it into the mobile market with familiar systems to the core game like SPECIAL
  • Limited pay to play mechanics ensure even free players can make consistent progression in population and quests
  • Minimal gameplay variety with a lack of long term strategy beyond continued growth which simply isn't as effective on the non mobile platform options

Fallout Shelter brings the Fallout franchise to mobile platforms with a vault management game that has players fighting off raids, scavenging the wasteland for resources and even growing their population through child birth. Released in mid 2015 to boost hype around the soon to launch Fallout 4, the game has been able to gross millions in revenue while jumping up the ranks in the respective mobile app stores. Despite the original intentions don’t rule Fallout Shelter out as an addicting mobile game with the adventure bringing many Fallout and non Fallout fans together to form a strong community of players.


Your objective in Fallout Shelter is to manage your own vault, a shelter within the Fallout universe that was created to house some of the population during a nuclear fallout event that is a recurring theme of the core Fallout games. Players won’t find any of the crazy experiments that were performed on inhabitants within the vaults in the main game franchise but there is still plenty of management involved in the lives of your vault dwellers and associated quests to send them on. Ultimately your goal is to grow your vault to reach new population heights that in turn unlock new content and buildings for you to expand your management control.

This management requires players to carefully manage their resources of water, food and power by building the necessary resource generating rooms and assigning appropriate dwellers to them. To determine which dwellers are best for the task players will need to consider each characters SPECIAL stats which is a key driver of your overall productivity.


Borrowed from the core game franchise this acronym stands for strength, perception, endurance, charisma, intelligence, agility and luck. Strength for example improves power generation while agility is good for rooms that generate food. By carefully considering each dweller individual statistics, placing them in appropriate rooms, handing them unique crafted equipment from junk and eventually training them further in your desired SPECIAL attribute you can make a highly efficient operation where everyone has their own role in your vault.

Unlike other freemium titles players can not spend real money to boost the room generation directly with money primarily spent on premium lunchboxes that provide high loot, powerful unique dwellers, Nuka-Cola Quantum to skip time and Mister Handy to collect resources automatically for you. All players willing to take a chance can use the rush mechanic which gives a chance to generate resources instantly but has the risk of failure causing things like fires or Radroach infestations that will cease generation for a time and hurts your dwellers.


These infestations are deadly although pale in comparison to raider attacks which sees small groups of bandits coming into your vault to harass and kill your workers. Later on players will even face Radscorpion and Deathclaws that significantly up the challenge given your dwellers can die. This is where the light RPG mechanics come into play with each character able to equip a weapon and armour piece to help them in combat against these events.

Combat can also take place outside the vault although is less involved and requires you to send a selected dweller outside on an adventure. The longer this adventure the more helpful items and money (caps) they’ll collect but will face increasingly tough competition at the same time. Players can see a log of their adventure in the wasteland and also call them back to the vault when the time is right.


  • Fallout themed mobile management game that puts you in control of one of the classic vault settlements.
  • Manage your food, water, power and your population as you seek to grow against all odds.
  • Fight off raider and Deathclaw attacks within your base of operations or venture out into the wasteland to acquire more resources.
  • Equip items and armour to your vault dwellers to optimise their combat abilities and SPECIAL stats for production benefits.
  • Balance risk and reward as you rush your production at the risk of a dangerous event occurring.



Review Platform: PC

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