Family Farm Seaside

  • Huge number of items across crops, cooking and furniture to give you real choice in progression rather than repeating a single highly efficient crop like other games
  • Plenty of quests, achievements and ongoing support for the tens of millions in the Family Farm Seaside community
  • While attempts are made gameplay doesn't quite completely escape the repetitiveness and grind of the genre
  • Slow initial loading times adds a time barrier to quickly jumping in and out of your farm management activities

Family Farm Seaside brings the experience of operating your own family farm to your mobile touch device (iOS and Android) and joins a large list of similar titles on those platforms although with a slightly different take on the genre. While the core gameplay of harvest your crops, sell your produce for a handsome profit and care for a large range of animals is there you’ll find little touches of handcrafted design that makes it feel like your own homestead and not a generic farm, particularly through the wealth of crops that let you grow what you would in real life.


Based on the popular Facebook game under a similar name (Family Farm) the gameplay is line with most of the other farming simulation games you would have experienced with your goal focused on efficiency and in turn profitability. Starting with a mostly vacant plot of land the farm is your oyster as you plant, harvest and decorate as you see fit to turn it into your own mobile farm. With the great graphics, sound effects and music Family Farm Seaside creates a wonderful gaming atmosphere that relaxes players as they tend to their crops and the farming finances.

The real selling point of Family Farm Seaside though comes from the huge range unique products available for your farm and goes beyond most in the genre that focus only on a handful of common products. With this product list totalling over 200 you’ll always have a choice as to what your next harvest will contain and can tailor it to products you enjoy in real life. With the way Family Farm Seaside utilises daily farm orders players are also encouraged to constantly change up their growing strategy unlike other games where one crop is significantly more profitable which ends up pigeon holing your farm, especially if you love to maximise your farm efficiency (and who doesn’t).


Family Farm Seaside also takes this a step further with products that players can create to improve their profits from their harvested crops while also fishing in their down time to catch rare fish for both profits and collections.

Discovering and accessing all these features is introduced slowly over time through the level and achievement system which provides that incentive to constantly improve and optimise your farming routine and ensures a fresh bit of excitement at each new unlock. This growth of features and mechanics is particularly well paced in Family Farm Seaside ensuring you aren’t overwhelmed early on but still have that growth in mechanics and gameplay that will keep you engaged.


With millions of users hooked on the Family Farm formula there is a strong community behind the game that ensures you’ll have plenty of neighbour opportunities in game as well as discussions outside of game on strategy and farm design. It also ensures that Family Farm will continue to develop its breadth of content so you never run out of farm tasks.


  • Create your own farm with crops, animals and decorations on the seaside.
  • Over 200 items ensures plenty of customisation and variety to your harvests.
  • Combine items together for more profitable products or complete your fishing collection.
  • Millions of players ensures that you’ll have plenty of farm neighbours and game support into the future.
  • Plenty of quests and achievements to keep you optimising your farm and guide its progression.



Review Platform: iOS

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