Family Farm Seaside

  • Huge number of items – Plenty of quests and achievements
  • Gameplay doesn't escape the repetitiveness of the genre

Family Farm Seaside brings the experience of your own family farm to your mobile touch device. Harvest your crops, sell your produce for a handsome profit and care for a large range of animals all from the comfort of your own home.


Based on the popular Facebook game under a similar name (Family Farm) the gameplay is line with most of the other farming simulation games you would have experienced. Starting with a mostly vacant plot of land the farm is your oyster as you plant, harvest and decorate as you see fit. With the great graphics, sound effects and music Family Farm Seaside creates a wonderful gaming atmosphere.

The real selling point of Family Farm Seaside though comes from the huge range unique products available for your farm. With this product list totalling over 200 you’ll always have a choice as to what your next harvest will contain. With the way Family Farm Seaside utilises daily farm orders players are also encouraged to constantly change up their growing strategy unlike other games where one crop is significantly more profitable which ends up pigeon holing your farm, especially if you love to maximise your farm efficiency.


Family Farm Seaside also takes this a step further with products that players can create to improve their profits while also fishing in their down time to catch rare fish. Discovering and accessing all these features is introduced slowly over time through the level and achievement system which provides that incentive to constantly improve and optimise your farming routine.

With millions of users hooked on the Family Farm formula there is a strong community behind the game that ensures you’ll have plenty of neighbour opportunities in game and discussions outside of game. It also ensures that Family Farm will continue to develop its breadth of content so you never run out of farm tasks.


  • Create your own farm with crops, animals and decorations.
  • Over 200 items ensures plenty of customisation.
  • Combine items together for more profitable products or go fishing instead.
  • Millions of players ensures that you’ll have plenty of farm neighbours.
  • Plenty of quests and achievements to keep you optimising your farm.



Review Platform: iOS

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