• Free to play mixture of puzzles and mini games offers a wealth of content
  • Fantastic array of tools to create, share and find creations from the community
  • Time restricted world unlocks can slow down your puzzle solving momentum

Why limit yourself to one mobile game when you can have thousands in a single app? This is exactly what Fancade (the fanmade arcade) aims to achieve on iOS and Android with over 50 games included while also providing you with a significant toolset to design, create and code your own mobile games to share with the game community. Created by Martin Magni, creator of Odd Bot Out and Mekorama you’ll also find a familiar art style accompanying your varied adventure.


The quest mode is where you want to first engage with the world of Fancade and serves as puzzle challenges while also introducing you to potential concepts for your own creations down the line in the building mode of Fancade. On the first island you’ll guide Odd a cute little robot through a tiny island of movement challenges, drive badly constructed vehicles over hazardous terrain or test your logical puzzle solving as you attempt to fill up all available space with a stretchy cat.

While these early levels aren’t necessarily anything new to the gaming world each level has been perfectly handcrafted to offer a bite sized challenge before you move onto the next puzzle. That being said there are some truly unique creations by both Martin and the community such as Hole where you’ll literally play a hole in the ground that seeks to suck everything into it, other than people of course.


Each of these levels serves a secondary purpose as well though by awarding you stars that can be used to repair the broken bridges between you and new worlds of crafted levels to further challenge and teach players. Each world comes with a handy percent completion to easily visually your progress on each and is reasonably tuned so you won’t have to 100% every world before moving on to prevent puzzle burnout. The only negative here is the waiting time in between bridge repairs for non premium players which could have been replaced with some sort of ad reward system instead as it does hurt your puzzle solving momentum.

Next game mode on the menu for Fancade is the arcade section where you can browse community creations using the Fancade toolset. Like other games that rely on community creations these can be hit and miss but Fancade includes all the necessary tools to filter, share and rate to ensure finding the great creations is never a difficult exercise. This includes featured, popular, tag searching and the ability to favourite those that you want to return to again later. Just like quest mode you’ll find a mix of familiar and fresh ideas with plenty enjoyable puzzles and other mini games to keep you entertained.


The last pillar of Fancade is of course the building and scripting elements which are a risky proposition in a mobile environment but Fancade has somehow managed to make it work. It’s not something you’ll learn in a day or even two but slowly through experiments you’ll be able to see your own creations earning plays and likes from the community. While master creators can start from complete scratch beginners will want to dip their toes in by using the base game kits and regularly referring to the help file, wiki and even Discord channel.

Whether your a player or creator you’ll find Fancade has all the tools and content you desire with an incredible free price tag attached.


  • Explore 40 worlds of puzzle content in quest mode as you unlock worlds of content one by one.
  • Created by Martin Magni, creator of Odd Bot Out and Mekorama.
  • Play, rate and favourite games from the community in arcade mode.
  • Craft your own levels from scratch or use the available templates before sharing your creations with others.
  • Free to play mixture of puzzles and mini games for Android and iOS.



Review Platform: iOS

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