Fantasy Life

  • Charming gameplay – Great variety in game activities
  • Variety can easily become overwhelming

Fantasy Life packs in a huge amount of customisation, cute graphics and a large open world. With a dozen different lives (classes) that each have their own activities and quests it’s easy to get lots of replay value from the game as each life promises a unique experience.


Set in the world of Reveria you’ll spend the first few minutes in Fantasy Life customising your avatar and choosing which life you want to begin as (although this can be changed pretty quickly into the game). The depth of customisation options is fairly impressive which does allow you to easily re-create yourself in the game world if you wish.

While the game does have a main story behind it players who limit themselves to this story will be only experiencing a small percentage of the actual gameplay. Fantasy Life is definitely a game that encourages exploration of the world and the different available lives to get the full experience.

Lives on offer in Fantasy Life include alchemist, angler, blacksmith, carpenter, cook, hunter, magician, mercenary, miner, paladin, tailor and woodcutter. While they each have their own role to play in the game world each class is loosely connected. For example players might obtain ore with their miner and craft a piece of armour for their paladin using the blacksmith. The game doesn’t force you into every role though with room to ignore some of them completely and still manage to get through the game without too much difficulty.


With the ability to switch life classes at nearly any time it doesn’t take long for you to forget your main objective as you mine, hunt, craft and much more in the world of Reveria.

Between the large number of quests, combat and various activities Fantasy Life has something for everyone. While this can prove overwhelming at the start players that push through will be rewarded with an addicting game with near endless replay opportunities.


  • Create your own fantasy life.
  • 12 different life classes to choose from.
  • Focus on your favourite class or play them all.
  • A decent length story to enjoy.
  • Endless choice and replay value.



Review Platform: 3DS

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