Fantasy War Tactics

  • High quality from start to finish – Quality heroes over quantity – Strategy mechanics
  • Excessive grinding cannot be escaped

Fantasy War Tactics brings the popular turn based tactical genre to the mobile scene with Nexon’s creation. Collect a team of your favourite heroes as you advance through a PvE campaign and claim the PvP titles.


Your objective in Fantasy War Tactics is to take over the world with your own squard while battling enemies and powerful bosses across the 180 stages. Each stage lets you take 5 heroes with your objective to defeat all the enemies within the stage. As these are predefined instanced stages if you fail you’ll be better armed for your next attempt.

For each victory a healthy dose of experience, gold and equipment will be rewarded to the player which can be used in turn to power up your team to tackle the increasing difficultly curve of Fantasy War Tactics. Once a stage is complete it can be farmed for extra goodies or attempted in a hard mode which modifies the possible rewards. For grinding players can opt to use the automated AI to complete levels although it is only an option after you’ve sufficiently outleveled that particular stage.

Living up to its name Fantasy War Tactics does feature a wealth of mechanics to consider when planning your attack route in each stage. Things such as high ground, tile types, character type and counter attacks need to be considered with every turn.


Your other strategy lever is your character selections, which is where Fantasy War Tactics opts for quality over quantity. You’ll have the choice of over 50 different characters with different stats, skills and strategies for each. While you’ll unlock most of these as you progress additional characters are available from achievements or by obtaining fragments from stages which does away with most of the randomness in similar titles.

As one would expect from a Nexon title Fantasy War Tactics has plenty of quality components and thus is one of the best mobile tactical titles.


  • Nexon’s take on the tactical mobile genre.
  • Over 50 unique heroes to take into battle.
  • Large campaign to conquer with 180 stages.
  • Level up heroes, find loot and more.
  • Rise through the PvP ranks.



Review Platform: iOS

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