Farm Tribe

  • Mixture of gameplay – Large number of buildings, resources and recipes
  • Animations are poor or lacking – Game flow has lots of waiting

Solve the Mayan mystery while also organising a farm in the unique blend that Farm Tribe offers. Available for PC, Mac and iOS (iPad only) the game is perfectly suited to fans of village and farm management games that also want a mixture of recipe creation and mystery.


Core gameplay requires players lead their tribe of people while making sure that any basic needs are fulfilled. This requires food to be gathered, necessary buildings to be erected and also give citizens enough downtime to keep them relaxed working efficiently. While the game has you only taking care of the most basic needs at the start the complexity grows over time as tech points are earned through quests and research.

Farm Tribe does away with the need to micro manage for the most part which is due to the smart AI beyond your people. This AI will ensure that they fulfil their own needs when required but will also return to work automatically by returning to their last task assigned by the player.

Much of the progression in Farm Tribe comes from new buildings and decorations which make it possible to produce new materials or improve production. Purchasing these buildings of course doesn’t come free which is where the game cycle exists.

Players will produce materials such as honey, fish, cabbage, bananas and much more. All of these can be sold for funds but also can be combined into recipes which will increase your profit. Leaving enough food for your own people is important though which requires a balance between production and selling.


Other game mechanics of Farm Tribe include a host of collectibles that are hidden around the map and worms that will slowly creep closer to your storage and threaten everything you’ve worked so hard to grow, these are easily stoppable though for players that pay attention.

Farm Tribe’s unique mixture of generating resources, managing people and creating recipes is rarely combined and it is only let down by a lack of difficultly and little to do while waiting for new constructions.


  • Construct buildings, gather resources and craft recipes.
  • Manage people and resources for a successful farm.
  • Uncover the Mayan mystery and many hidden objects.
  • Intelligent AI does away with lots of micro management.
  • Available on PC, Mac and iPad.



Review Platform: PC

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  1. This game has sequels on Android and iOS. Farm Tribe 5 has already been released on Google Play!


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