• Less energy reliant than FarmVille and other farming titles allowing you to get more gameplay from each browser based farming session
  • Multiple locations to setup farms adds some much needed variety to the genre and is further built upon with animal and crop variations
  • Not the best graphical experience in the genre with simple visual designs
  • Shallow customer pool of requests means you'll see many repetitive requirements throughout your playthrough

Farmerama is a farm simulation game from Bigpoint with millions of accounts and players across the world playing this socially based farming title with plenty of similarities to others in the genre. In Farmerama players can expect to experience the challenges of managing their own farm by harvesting crops, raising animals and completing various other farm chores. Along the way you’ll get to level up, socialise with the community and create a dream farm without actually getting your real hands dirty thanks to the browser based experience.


Like other games in the farming simulation genre players start with an empty plot of land which can slowly be developed and customised to your liking as you choose the layout and items to populate your farm land. With tonnes of different decorations, animal pens and crops there are plenty of difficult choices to make especially when it comes to what you fill up your limited space with (which slowly expands as you progress). With the wealth of items available expanding at a similar rate to your farm size though it’s always a tough decision and balance between profitability and visual design.

In order to purchase things in Farmerama players will have to take their crops, animals and other items to the Farmers Market and receive Country Coins in return for their efforts. Nurturing your crops and animals to reach this point of sale isn’t easy though with plants requiring proper care (water, manure) and a freshly prepared plot of land to grow. After adding some idle wait time on top of these processes you’ll be able to harvest your hard work for the aforementioned profits.


With each crop having different needs and different time to maturity you’ll have to carefully balance your production to fill orders from customers in time and sell any excess to the Farmers Market for a handsome profit. Livestock operates in a similar way to crops with them taking time to mature and eventually begin to start producing goods for you like milk from your cows. While there are some clear winners in terms of efficiency and value at the Farmers Market the use of customer orders in Farmerama encourages a more varied and balanced selection of crops rather than repeating the same crop endlessly for maximum profit.

Farmerama extends game content beyond just your farm though with players able to travel to the city to visit all kinds of shops, get daily prizes and other activities that help build out the broader game world beyond your farm borders. You’ll also be able to unlock additional locations to use your farming talents on such as the Green Meadow, The Park and The Magical Glade amongst others that each have their own visual designs and possibilities.


With regular content updates and events rounding out the Farmerama experience it’s definitely one of the leaders in the genre right alongside the likes of FarmVille. With the consistently strong player base you’ll also be ensured of regular updates and a healthy community of players to interact with and swap farming ideas.


  • Multiple potential locations to turn into a thriving farm with your own selection of crops and animals.
  • Plenty of variety in animals and crops to select with customer orders encouraging you to explore them all.
  • Fill customer orders for large bonuses while selling your excess stock to the market.
  • Add neighbours and support each other through the social reward systems in developing your farm further.
  • Large community of players to engage with and consistent game updates with content to explore.



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