Farming Simulator 2015

  • Over 100 vehicles from various famous brands to purchase and use out on the farm with realistic detail
  • Offers one of the most beautiful farming games to date which will bring your crops to life and represents a leap in the franchise
  • Little depth and lack of in game information on the economy side can make it difficult to predict crop trends and plan for your future
  • Addition of woodcutting feels half finished and lacks the same commitment to animation and physics as the rest of the game

Ever wanted to play realistic modern day farmer? Farming Simulator 2015 (also known as Farming Simulator15) lets you achieve just that with a sprawling farm at your disposal and all the associated technology of modern industrial farming activities. Featuring authentic vehicles the game lives up to its simulator name by making you feel like you’re working hard on the farm while optimising your available technology to ensure you have a healthy operating margin.


Farming Simulator 2015 isn’t the first (or last) game in the Farming Simulator franchise and accordingly leverages lessons learnt from the past titles to ensure all the fundamental mechanics are of a high quality. Like any yearly release franchise though this means improvements have been made on minor game details which in Farming Simulator 2015 are most noticeable in graphic improvements driven by an updated game engine to add additional farming realism. While these enhancements are no doubt welcome and provide a number of gameplay touchups, don’t expect them to give the game wide appeal, the title is still very much a niche experience.

Gameplay in Farming Simulator 2015 covers a range of farm activities from your early wheat harvesting to animal husbandry and even woodcutting players are provided all the tools necessary to complete the tasks and for the most part focus in on the farming elements that they find most interesting. Not everything is given to you at the start though which provides that sense of a progressing farm and productive business. The simulating side of the game is without a doubt top notch and starts literally from the ground up with realistic farming produce supported by realistic vehicles, vehicle attachments and a realistic market for your goods.


This is further enhanced with the ability to hire helpers to complete the mundane tasks of farm operations or alternatively bring other players in through the cross platform multiplayer which supports up to 15 friends in one farm. While everything within Farming Simulator 2015 is fairly well designed and feels realistic as you get behind the wheel of one of your 140+ farm toys the game does having some glaring oversights.

This is most evident in the game direction and available data to make your decisions for economic success seemingly driven by a random number generator rather than giving players the ability to study market trends to determine optimal plants as one might in real life. The lack of trend analysis also feels like a missed opportunity that players will have to wait for a future year edition of the franchise to experience.


Don’t expect Farming Simulator 2015 to turn everyone into a farm enthusiast but its fantastic presentation does plenty for those that are already hooked on the unique genre of farm management.


  • Enjoy simulated farming with friends in the 2015 simulator version.
  • Use a large range of real farming equipment with 140+ vehicles from 40 well known brands.
  • Grow various crops, animals and cut wood to develop a profitable farm enterprise.
  • Bring in your friends with multiplayer support for up to 15 players.
  • New graphics and physics enhance the realism of the popular franchise further.



Review Platform: PC

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