Fashion Story

  • Impressive array of clothing styles and individual items to sell within your fashion store
  • Ability to customise your avatar and explore other player stores for rewards
  • Has gone a significant amount of time without an update to improve usability and expand on features

Virtual world meets fashion on your mobile device in Fashion Story a game all about the latest clothing trends and designs. In Fashion Story you’ll have the opportunity to not only follow but also create the trends as you manage your own clothing boutique and build it up into a thriving fashion business and powerhouse trend setter.


The result is an addicting blend of management simulation and fashion which is perfect for people seeking a casual game set within the fashion industry. Following traditional game design players start with a fairly empty store front providing the blank canvas for your expansion and are given all the tools to convert this into a popular fashion hub. To support this long term objective Fashion Story provides a wealth of game missions and objectives that provide direction to steer your progress.

Actual minute to minute gameplay in Fashion Story resolves around players ensuring their store is adequately stocked with fashion of various styles which requires players to have sufficient space by purchasing tables and racks to hold items in stock. With available space players can order from the game’s fashion directory to fill it with favourite selected items.


As a fully equipped fashion game Fashion Story includes all sorts of styles from casual to formal, night life and even expensive designer runway clothing which can be ordered into the store and then sold through the retail storefront. To balance out the cost and profit of these items Fashion Story alters the time it takes for more expensive items to ship to your store with basic clothing items taking a few minutes while top tier designers can take several hours to deliver goods.

Purchasing these items is the constant stream of foot traffic that floods in through your doors to purchase products and pay you the applicable sale price before repeating the cycle again. These sales also server a secondary purpose by providing experience points which unlocks additional styles, individual fashion items and allows for customisation of your own fashion focused avatar. As an alternative Fashion Story also allows players to visit other player stores for additional bonus rewards while also offering ideas on how and what others are selling.


While the fundamentals of Fashion Story don’t deviate much from the typical store management game the wonderfully presented and diverse fashions ensure the game has enjoyment and longevity to any fashion fan.


  • Create your own fashion superstore as you select styles from a range of options.
  • Earn experience to unlock new fashionable items for your shop.
  • Visit other stores and rate them for bonus rewards and experience.
  • Dress up your own avatar to show off your favourite fashion style.
  • Play for free on iOS and Android.



Review Platform: iOS

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