Feral Heart

  • Huge customisation options that allow you to build your own unique lion or wolf with various avatar sliders
  • Create your own content (presets, maps and objects) or movies with the in built system
  • Some clunky systems that don't work as expected
  • Lacks gameplay outside of exploring and socialising that limits long term gameplay

Feral Heart is one of the few games around that lets you assume the role of an animal in a MMO style world. Paired with role playing elements that let you customise your character and explore a diverse world Feral Heart is a free to play adventure that lets players connect with others using their lion or wolf avatars.


This MMO formula forms the foundation of your adventure with the world of Feral Heart open to players who will have plenty of fun as they make new friends, explore a large open world and chat with other players. Before you can step into this animal world players will need to create their own avatar with this customisation also one of the best elements of the game and ensures you’ll be unlikely to encounter someone with the exact same avatar. Where colour options are available they also use RGB sliders to further define your unique look.

In Feral Heart this includes players selecting their name, species (feline and canine) and alter various body aspects of their lion (feline) or wolf (canine) avatar. These options include muzzle, chin, nose, ears, eyes, weight, height and length along with the default emote on their face. With many of these elements being slider based its truly your own character built from scratch. This is only the beginning of avatar creation in Feral Heart though with players then being able to alter the tail, mane, tufts of fur and unique markings on their body to further allow players to create something unique.


Once players are happy with their customised avatar which can easily take dozens of minutes depending on how deep you want to dive into the diverse list of options players are ready to enter the game world and communicate with others. Controls are fairly typical with players using a WASD control scheme for character movement and arrow keys for the camera position. Players can also you run, jump, swim, dash, crouch and even fly which ensures you can move through the environments without significant effort.

In game players can also toggle their map, alter their personalised character bio and add friends through the in game friend, party and group systems. Making friends is central to gameplay as you walk around making friends, chatting and using the large number of actions or emotes that your character can perform. Actions include typical animal movements like laying down, swinging their head or stretching while emotes aren’t quite as natural with a range of smiles, grins and frowns.


Feral Heart also has a movie maker system where you can pair these actions and emotes together to make a short duration movie to share with others. This isn’t the only sharing with others mechanic in Feral Heart though with players also able to make their own presets, maps and objects that can be imported into the game for others.


  • Play as a wolf or lion and explore the diverse game world environments on foot and with wings.
  • Huge amount of customisation to create a unique avatar with various sliders for size and colours.
  • Lots of fun and often hilarious animations or emotes to use and create your own short movies.
  • Friendly and active community makes for a great social experience with friend, party and group lists to find other players.
  • Free to play title with the ability to add your own content.



Review Platform: PC

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Written by
Samuel Franklin
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  1. i want to play this game

  2. I really want to play, but the website said “Registration Closed” Why???

    • Look on the websites help page! they only have one server for the whole entire game, so they have it closed most of the time, but just keep checking everyday

    • Registration on the game is closed and opened regularly, probably to prevent lagging the servers. Check back every hour or so to see if they are open. Trust me, you’ll jump out of your chair if they are.

    • Keep looking. It says that because it’s so popular that if registration was always open, then the game would be really laggy and unplayable. Keep looking on the website and one day you will get lucky then you can play. And if you already have an account and log onto the feral heart game but it says “Can’t connect to front server.” then you need to go to the official website, click “Play Game” and log into it, it should open a page saying “YoU mUsT kEep ThIs pAgE oPeN wHiLe YoU PlAy!”. Then go back to the game and log in, but keep the “Play Game” tab open. That should work.

  3. I really want to play it sounds like fun but it says Registration closed will it be closed forever???!!!!

    • It shouldn’t be forever, they just close them from time to time since to stop flooding their servers (it sucks and they should just get better servers). It’s also a bad point in this review.

  4. This game is awesome. So many features, the downside is that it’s hard to find the registration open. It opens for 2 times daily each for an hour. So just check every hour. I got mine at 5:30 p.m. on a Wednesday. Hope this helped. This game is just awesome though!

  5. i want to make an account sooooooooo bad!!!! but the registration is always closed when e.well it open!!! ugh!!

  6. when is the registration going to be open i really really really want to play this game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!\

  7. Hello there people!. This game is the best game on the internet, possibly the most played. However registrations are closed due to the amount of players, there are more than 1,000+ Players. And they have now set there registrations to be random times of opening. Keep checking everyday-Hour/Minute or whenever you can, one day you will find it is open. :).

  8. I am still waiting to make an account.i hope i can make one to but when i checked it said the sever was offline so i did not like that cuz why not get more severs but noo they only got 1.

    sorry if ppl find this comment mean.

  9. I dont know why they just let the game be free and u dont have to download it dont make sense feral heart should do better than that :I

  10. I can’t even play the damn game. Registrations are closed. Why have a website when you can’t even register?!


  12. i agree when will the registration open I really want to play but I cant because its not even open I really want to play!

  13. I think you people are too impatient about the servers being closed. Don’t hate on me for saying this, but I think that the waiting time will be worth it. I have not made my account yet, but I am very excited and will wait as long as I have to for the game.

  14. I want to play but it says:

    Registration is close!

    But i understand that it is maybe updating or something like that and they don’t need players to come on. I agree with Kat even though i didn’t make my account yet it is worth it!

  15. Will you be opening this game to new players any time soon? or at all?

    Thank you for your time.

  16. I know it will eventually come on but why can’t they just make more servers!? There is no point in even playing if its gonna be too crowded and unplayable.

  17. Guys,if you want an account,Try every 2 hours.it worked on my first try

  18. Hey Guys, I know you are wanting to make an account and its closed a lot due to the poor server, but You do have to be patient, I been waiting since I discovered it which was like a few weeks ago. But like Kat said just be patient and keep checking, I think maybe trying when everyone is not awake like late at night you never know. But I hope you all get an account :D (I have not been able to make one either, still waiting. hehe)

  19. Yea I’m going to get the best game FERAL HEART


  21. if anyone knows a username and password ( must be yours! and only if you dont use it! i dont want to mess with anyones stuff!) then maybe you could post it here and make a ” public feral heart acount”? everyone is dying to get in, even i havent found it open! if you cant just try animaljam peoples! my username is willwallace2015 buddy me!


  23. Yeah
    warning:been trying to get this game for 2 years now e.o!

  24. Thanks for tip.

  25. Yeh “Friendly” Depending who you come across

  26. i want to play this game but idk how to download it


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