Fiesta Online

  • Long lasting MMORPG – Clean interface – Great skill system
  • Favours paying players too much

Fiesta Online is a free to play MMORPG with a very anime inspired feel to its gameplay. The game has been around since 2007 and remains one of the more popular free to play MMO experiences.


In Fiesta Online you get to create your own story as one of the 6 available classes which offers enough variety for all players. The classes all fall into fairly standard archetypes that you’ll recognise from other MMORPGs and includes fighter, mage, cleric, trickster, archer and crusader. Just like other games these classes can advance into more advanced versions at certain levels.

Each character has their own separate skills to use which are split into active, passive and alchemy skills. Active are the skills you’ll be using in combat while passive skills always remain active and can give you the edge in a fight and provide a surprising amount of customisation. Lastly your alchemy skills give each class a money making skill which generally involves creating or crafting of some sort.

The skill system is one of the more unique aspects of Fiesta Online and provides you with plenty of flexibility in how you want your character to develop. Instead of simply levelling your skills players are given freedom in how they want the skill to grow. For example players can choose to level up the skill by boosting its damage (or effect), reducing its mana cost or lowering the cooldown.


Fiesta Online is not short on other game features either which is a big part of the continued success that the game has enjoyed. This feature list includes in-game titles for achieving certain goals, monster cards for killing enemies, plenty of PvP options, weddings and even housing. Players are also able to join guilds which then allows them to participate in guild wars and guild tournaments.

The continued success of Fiesta Online in a saturated game genre is no fluke, the MMO experience on offer is extremely well polished and deep but still manages to be new player friendly which has ensured a steady stream of new players.


  • Online since 2007 and still growing.
  • 6 base classes to choose from with advancement options at certain levels.
  • Get married and own your own house.
  • Guild battles and tournaments create great mid to end game content.
  • Plenty of environment and enemy variety to keep things fresh.



Review Platform: PC

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