Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions

  • Refined an already amazing adventure – Multiplayer – Job variety
  • Price tag

Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions is the updated version of the acclaimed tactical role playing game originally released in 1997. Available on the PlayStation Portable and eventually brought onto iOS, it’s the best way to get your hands on this much loved Final Fantasy experience.


The bare bones of the original are still there but the updated version comes with dramatically improved loading times, crisper new cut scenes, multiplayer and a handful of other quality of life improvements.

Using medieval weaponry and a large range pf spells players will experience the world through Ramza, a mercenary stuck in the middle of a civil war and growing ancient evil that seeks to lead the world in darkness.

While not the first game to use tactical combat the mixture of Final Fantasy quality allowed the game to achieve new heights in the genre in terms of depth, story and music.

Combat plays out like a game of chess on grid based maps filled with terrain that does dictate mobility of your troops. These troops can belong to one of the nearly two dozen jobs that mix the normal archetypes (warrior, archer and mage) with some more unique varieties such as the dancer encouraging some experimentation.

This is compounded by the ability to hold onto skills even if you switch to a different job down the line. With permanent death for characters that stay incapacitated for a number of turns there is lots of incentive to carefully plan your moves to keep your powerful heroes alive.


Outside of combat Final Fantasy Tactics uses a simple overworld map where players move between locations with a chance of random battles depending on the location. With a number of towns and shops sprinkled between the wilderness areas to recover your health, equip items and even send out your heroes on automated tasks to boost your pockets.

With War of the Lions tightening up an experience that was already a pinnacle of the genre and adding multiplayer you’ve got a great excuse to revisit this classic (or find out why the game is so popular for the first time). It’s only downside is the price tag attached which feels a bit steep for nearly a dual decade old game.


  • A classic revisited and refined.
  • Added multiplayer adds more longevity to the game experience.
  • Nearly two dozen jobs with a number of unique options.
  • Deeply satisfying tactical combat and story.
  • Play on your portable devices.



Review Platform: iOS

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