• Customisation – Unique game idea – Friendly community
  • Only a dozen areas – Energy limits

Fishao (Fish Always Online) combines the joys of fishing, tournaments and virtual worlds into one which creates a very unique and enjoyable game experience. Even if you don’t like fishing you’ll find Fishao to be lots of fun thanks to the friendly community.


Joining thousands of other players from across the world players will attempt to try and catch over 200 fish in 10 different areas with their themes. Each area is brilliantly presented and also serves as a hub for you to gather with other players to make friendships. When you’re not busy pulling in your next big catch you’ll be able to make friends with your fellow fishers.

While the core content revolves around fishing Fishao quickly becomes about more than just catching all the fish breeds that you can. In addition to fishing players can customise their character outfits, breed fish together, decorate a home and much more.

This feature list gives the game a Habbo Hotel type feel that crosses with Pokemon thanks to the collecting fish portion of the game that encourages you to try and catch them all to fill up your Fishdex. In order to complete your Fishdex you’ll need to experiment with different rods, baits and locations.

The tournaments in particular add a lot of friendly competition to the game and start regularly so it’s never difficult to enter. With a mixture of luck and skill at play when fishing you really get a sense of achievement if you can place top in these competitions (while getting handsomely rewarded for it as well).


Outside of these tournaments players can also find handsome game rewards from various mini-games and quests which helps keep customisable clothing and better rods always in reach.

If you want a social orientated game that also has some fun gameplay to fall back on this cute 2D MMO world is sure to deliver.


  • Blends virtual world with fishing.
  • Customise your character with clothes and customise your own house.
  • Collect different rods and bait on your journey to completing your Fishdex.
  • Enter in tournaments, complete mini games and conquer quests.
  • A large and friendly community of players.



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