Fiz: The Brewery Management Game

  • Unique – Little down time – Wealth of options
  • Only a few optimal paths

Home brewing and craft beers are on the rise and Fiz: The Brewery Management Game allows you to jump on this bandwagon without the investment in real world equipment. Available for iOS and Android Fiz gives you the keys to your very own brewery and lets you lead the direction your small company will take.


Players begin the game within their garage with a few basic recipes and a simple array of equipment, while it might not be the highest quality brew it will be enough to get you started on the road to beer domination. Guided by one of the best brewers around (Cyrus Uprum) players will brew their first batch of Tutorial Lite before being unleashed into the competitive marketplace.

Brewing is of course at the heart of gameplay and has plenty of depth to allow your skilful management to shine. In order to brew a beer players must first own the recipe which can either be bought as the game progresses, given as part of a quest or found on your very own brewing floor. Each recipe requires different amounts of ingredients which alters their costs, unique attributes and type of beer which are all important to consider.

Once you’ve selected your desired recipe players need to then assign their four employees to the primary tasks in the process. These are cleaning, mashing and boiling, fermenting and packaging which each require a different blend of intelligence, dexterity and patience. These statistics are unique to each employee who also come with their own special abilities that will impact brewing speed, experience or quality making staff selection vital to your long term financial success. A fourth statistic called craft also exists which gives you craft points to optimise each beer batch with yield, quality or speed depending on your current needs.

Of course the next stage in the process is the actual beer making which is completed automatically by your staff and takes just over half a minute but quickly comes down as you improve your equipment. During this process players squish mice with their fingers that run across the brewery floor for extra coins and recipes which is highly recommended during the early stages of the game.

Once your beer is finished it will be available for sale in one of the game marketplaces, optimising this selection is the most important element and can mean the different between profit and bankruptcy. Ever marketplace has different stock fees, customer base, competitors and preferred tastes. Before even thinking of selling you’ll want to complete research on the market and craft a beer that can meet both the price and taste requirements of customers that shop there.


While everything is nicely designed and fun to play the real gem of Fiz: The Brewery Management Game is the story orientated gameplay and amount of variety. The story is filled with twists and turns from helping someone escape a loan shark, entering beer competitions, sabotage and lots more. Some of these event are even random to ensure you’ll want to tackle this brewery adventure more than once.

Fiz is a beautifully crafted management game with an incredible amount of content for its price. It’s the perfect excuse to sit down on the couch with a beer in one hand and brewery in the other.


  • Run your own brewery in this unique and fun management game.
  • Large number of recipes, markets and potential employees.
  • Research competitors and consumer tastes to craft the ideal beverage.
  • Experience 20+ hours of story driven gameplay.
  • Purchase for iOS and Android.



Review Platform: iOS

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  1. I went to download this on my iphone today, only to discover that it now costs £2.29.


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