Flight Rising

  • Large number of dragons to breed and provide a long goal to strive for
  • Significant depth to simple core game mechanics provides plenty of decisions and planning
  • Simple browser based framework has its limits to variety of implementation that makes each mechanic feel similar

Flight Rising lets you tame dragons within your browser with a virtual online pet experience that takes inspiration from popular titles from this space but seeks to reinvent many elements at the same time. Focused around the breeding, battling and raising of devastating dragons you’ll find a diverse online world of adventure and community.


After registration on the Flight Rising website players will start their journey by selecting one of the eleven dragon elements of the game which aligns players to one of the associated dragon gods. These elements include arcane, earth, fire, ice, light, lightning, nature, plague, shadow, water and wind that each offer their own deity, region and associated shrine. Despite this being a decision made on account creation it isn’t a permanent choice so players can later change if they wish to experiment with what the other elements offer.

Upon selection your deity will bless you with some starting game resources of meat, seafood, plant, insect and treasure with the first four of these used to feed different dragons while treasure is your general game currency in Flight Rising. From this point you’ll have the opportunity to design your first dragon from four base breeds (guardian, tundra, fae and mirror), gender and two colours to create some truly unique designs to your own tastes. For the indecisive dragon tamer a randomisation option can prove invaluable as you cycle through randomised mixtures until you find something that is your favourite to fill your lair.


Immediately after creating your first dragon players will also have a mate fly into your new lair which allows you to explore the core dragon breeding elements of Flight Rising. As dragon breeding can take time between each successful offspring it can be a slow to start experience but quickly ramps up as you have more dragons in your lair that are all at different stages in the breeding cycle. When pairing two dragons of different genders you’ll also be able to preview the potential offspring which helps with players acquiring the hundreds of potential dragons which is one of the end goals for many players.

Breeding is just a small part of your overall dragon care though with keeping your dragons fed one of the most important elements. The foundation of this is the gathering mechanic where players can hunt, fish, catch, forage, dig or scavenge different locations for a fixed number of times per day that reward various items for your hoard. Flight Rising uses a unique 4 food system in this regard which requires players to carefully manage their stock of insects, meat, seafood and plants for their applicable dragons. Keeping these food sources well stocked is quite easy once players understand the respective areas and the types of items that can be found within each.


Other activities in Flight Rising to fill out your time include playing mini games to earn currency within the fairground or battling your dragons in the coliseum which serve as additional side activities to progress. In addition players will find a unique dominance mechanic where the different elements battle it out for weekly prizes that boost progression based on the element that has exalted (released) the most powerful dragons in the week.


  • A virtual browser based pet game orientated around breeding dragons to uncover them all.
  • Breed hundreds of dragons while ensuring they are well fed and equipped for battle in the coliseum.
  • Pledge allegiance to one of the eleven elements and battle for dominance on behalf of your element each week for rewards to your account.
  • Play mini games or forage the land for resources and currency to expand your ability to breed or the strength of your dragons.
  • Free to play browser based game with a community of thousands of active players.



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  1. Forgot to mention the huge wait times for most activities (up to 30 days sometimes) forcing you to pay real money for ‘gems’ to play more.

  2. I was wrongfully banned for something I didn’t even do. They just use bots to autoban people and don’t respond to support tickets for days on end.

  3. I’ve been playing this game for 4+ years now. While it doesn’t actively engage my interest in the level that it used to (I haven’t seriously attempted to breed dragons for in-game currency for years now) I still enjoy doing my dailies and buying new “project” dragons to re-gene and spoil with apparel. I recommend it!

  4. As far as “collector” games, this one is the tops. I’ve been playing for almost 4 years now and still love, or loved, it. The problem is, eventually you will notice that things in your lair go missing; dragons, apparel, items. Things you buy will not get to you, things you try to sell will disappear. And you will then meet the “admin monsters”. Post your problem on the forum, they lock it. Contact support, they ignore you. Contact the developer, he sends you back to the people ignoring you. Until you are one big frustrated angry person, who loves their dragons, but can’t take the complete lack of customer care anymore and quits. If you do play, please don’t spend real money, it is too easily lost!

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