Flight Rising

  • Depth of mechanics – Number of dragons
  • Registrations only open periodically

Flight Rising lets you tame dragons within your browser. Focused around the breeding, battling and raising of devastating dragons. Due the popularity of the game registrations are only open every few months to allow new players to joy in the fun.


After logging in the first time players will select one of eleven elements for their dragon clan to be loyal to, thankfully this isn’t a permanent choice so players can experiment with what the different elements offer throughout the game.

The next step in your Flight Rising journey is to create your very first dragon. To do so players will pick from a small number of starting breeds and mix this with a large number of colours, gender and naming options. For those that can’t pick from all the options I helpful random option is available.

Soon after you create your first your dragon you’ll get a mate which will allow you to explore the breeding elements of the game which are very central to the experience. As dragons will need around two weeks between breedings it can be a slow start but quickly ramps up as you have more dragons in your lair. Ultimately your goal is to breed all the dragons available (well over 200).

Breeding is just a small part of dragon care though with keeping your dragons fed one of the most important elements. Flight Rising uses a unique 4 food system in this regard which requires players to carefully manage their stock of insects, meat, seafood and plants.

Keeping these food sources well stocked is quite easy in Flight Rising but it does so through an interesting way called gathering. Each day players are given a limited number of gathering turns that they can use on hunting, fishing, foraging and much more. Players can also select the area that they perform these actions which alter the types of items that can be found.


Items collected can also be sold for treasure or alternatively players can earn their in game currency from the simple flash games on the site. Beyond the basic features discussed here there is a dedicated community, coliseum to battle and a unique dominance mechanic where the different elements battle it out for weekly prizes.

Flight Rising truly blows other virtual online pet games out of the water, although unfortunately the regularly closed registrations can be frustrating.


  • A virtual pet game orientated around breeding dragons.
  • Breed over 200 dragons while ensuring they are well fed and equipped for battle.
  • Pledge allegiance to one of the eleven elements and battle on behalf of your element.
  • Play games or forage the land for resources and currency.
  • Limited registration windows due to popularity.



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  1. Forgot to mention the huge wait times for most activities (up to 30 days sometimes) forcing you to pay real money for ‘gems’ to play more.

  2. I was wrongfully banned for something I didn’t even do. They just use bots to autoban people and don’t respond to support tickets for days on end.

  3. I’ve been playing this game for 4+ years now. While it doesn’t actively engage my interest in the level that it used to (I haven’t seriously attempted to breed dragons for in-game currency for years now) I still enjoy doing my dailies and buying new “project” dragons to re-gene and spoil with apparel. I recommend it!

  4. As far as “collector” games, this one is the tops. I’ve been playing for almost 4 years now and still love, or loved, it. The problem is, eventually you will notice that things in your lair go missing; dragons, apparel, items. Things you buy will not get to you, things you try to sell will disappear. And you will then meet the “admin monsters”. Post your problem on the forum, they lock it. Contact support, they ignore you. Contact the developer, he sends you back to the people ignoring you. Until you are one big frustrated angry person, who loves their dragons, but can’t take the complete lack of customer care anymore and quits. If you do play, please don’t spend real money, it is too easily lost!


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