• Unique combat gameplay with ally and enemy turns resolved at the same time
  • Large number of random events to react and adjust your experience
  • Difficultly and lack of detailed tutorial makes your early adventures frustrating before all the mechanics click

Offering a turn based expedition in space Flotilla is a challenging strategy title where players can fully explore space based combat through the core 3D ship movement mechanic the game is set around. With a randomised galaxy to explore and a time limit on top Flotilla is one that encourages you to visit everything available and take each battle along the way.


This ensures that no two games are the same in Flotilla given the many randomised elements of the core adventure portion of the space game. This adventure mode will start you with two ships and only 7 months to live due to a life threatening illness with the galaxy waiting for you to explore its galactic depths. This gameplay decision not only keeps individual games to a reasonable length (if you survive that long) but also requires you to think carefully about what you want to accomplish in a game attempt.

For players that would prefer to explore more of the randomised galaxy then hardcore mode extends your available time in space but does introduce more difficult enemies so is designed with advanced players in mind that have already mastered the basics. To help with this Flotilla also has a skirmish option if you want to touch up on your battle skills under various circumstances which can in turn make your adventure or hardcore galaxy attempts smoother.


Core to this gameplay in Flotilla is movement between planets where random events are triggered for players that create a reactive gameplay cycle. These events can include picking up hitch-hikers, running into pirates or finding special upgrades to improve your ship stats to make future encounters easier.

When one of these random events leads to combat Flotilla shifts your perspective to a turn based grid where you’ll command your ships for the battle ahead. As a spaced based adventure Flotilla offers a full range of movements with ships able to move in all directions and a variety of attack options accordingly that drive your strategy options.


Ships come in a variety of types that each have their own attack styles and thus strategies but ultimately your goal is to get underneath or around your enemy to attack the weaker rear and underbelly of ships. In order to do this you’ll have to mix your options which include attack move (move and fire), flank move (increased movement speed but weapons are disabled) and focus fire (increased fire rate but decreased movement speed). Once you’ve assigned your instructions for a given turn the game will play out your chosen action at the same time as enemy movements which does require you to consider what your opponent is planning for combat success.


  • Explore a randomised galaxy with a time limit to your adventure as you seek out random events.
  • Try hardcore mode for a longer and more challenging adventure or practice battle tactics in skirmish mode.
  • Turn based spaceship combat with plenty of depth where your strategy is played asynchronously with your enemy.
  • Easy to learn basics but plenty to master with diverse ship upgrades to change your strategies.
  • Multiplayer co-operative mode through split screen gameplay for even greater strategy options.



Review Platform: PC

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